LG Back in Sales and Relies on The LG G6 to Forget The Evil Result of The G5

One of the mobile sector is recovering after some years of layer fall is LG. Last year bet the bulk of its sales to a G5 LG which was not as efficient as expected, and whose bad figures forced the company to restructure throughout the division. Not without losing the road several quarters in which their numbers were far of what Koreans expected.

Finally it closed 2016 and is the turn of the quarterly results, the corresponding to the fourth fiscal quarter of year. LG reported that sales have grown but not enough as to get recover normal prior to the disappointment of the LG G5, although the manufacturer claims that the V20 Yes has helped to raise the figures.

Best quarter, worst year

LG mobile division achieved revenues in this last quarter of $ 2,510 million, which has been a growth of 15.4 percent compared with the previous quarter but a fall of 21% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Koreans attribute this improvement to the proper functioning of a LG V20 whose company refuses to turn into an international terminal.

In total, LG has sold 14.1 million smartphones this quarter, Stressing that their figures have improved mainly in United States, a key country for its high population and purchasing power. It seems that the restructuring carried out last year is causing effect, and that the company has managed to avoid falling into red numbers in this final exercise, something important for the future of it.

Interestingly, in addition to the good results of a LG V20 we can not translate to exact numbers, from LG highlights the good performance of the LG K8, a device range mean that it seems to have had an excellent acceptance and that while must not have had superlative benefits, Yes It has helped to fatten the figures both sales and general revenue before expenses.

LG to 2017

Own LG results in the closing of 2016 shed a positive outlook for this year It began three weeks ago. 2017 must be a key year for the comeback of an LG which, remember, was expelled from the Top 5 mobile manufacturers by the overwhelming growth of Chinese competition, embodied by Oppo and live. In 2017, LG wants to regain a position called premium.

How do you want to do it? Launching a flagship that is a sales success and that It is none other than the future LG G6 which ever know more data. Despite the disadvantage not to have the Snapdragon 835 to move the device, a detail that LG will appreciate Samsung, Korean manufacturer relies on that is the G6 which lead the company’s sales and pull the rest of your catalog.

Not to mention, obviously, to the middle range. If we mentioned that LG K8 has been a bestseller in LG, manufacturer seeks to achieve a similar success this year in the media category of the market. Recall that shortly before start the year presented new K-line, who was also present at CES, and that can be the chosen to continue comeback.