LG G6 Was Accompanied by Two Younger Brothers, The G6 Lite and The G6 Compact

LG faces an interesting challenge with the LG G6 coming on the way to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. It must not only restore confidence lost after poor sales of the LG G5, the terminal that introduced a set of modules that today is part of the past, but also to get back to the path of the benefits and who knows if it is not possible, also to the Top 5 manufacturers that went out abruptly in 2016.

Now, a trademark registration that has surfaced in the midst of the traditional round of rumors and leaks before each release, has thrown some more information that will be a family of devices. LG G6 will not be only accompanied by a less powerful terminal and less dimensions, but there will be a third exponent: We have LG G6 Lite and G6 Compact.

The LG G5 SE and LG V34

It also happened with the LG G5 and LG V20 had its own version in miniature. The Korean manufacturer is customary to throw less powerful versions of its terminals, which have known for years as Mini versions but who now receive names like Lite or Compact, depending on the manufacturer employing the terminology.

Thus, the LG G5 was direct to Latin America with a significant decline in their abilities and make the LG G5 Escudero, and months later we had in the LG V34, that would be a sort of LG V20 Mini waterproof that stayed trapped in Japan, and there remains to this day. Now It appears that the story will be repeated with the LG G6 but not one but two models which will be accompanied by the star of the manufacturer.

According to the registration of trademarks of LG, this year We have a LG G6 Lite, that presumably will be the equivalent of the G5 is the last generation of, and a Compact G6 that Yes we got with the changed passage, because no one expected a third edition of the G6. If we listen to the Sony make use of the term Compact, might be a G6 in less size, resolution and battery, but almost identical power in the original model.

G6 Young us sounds like a mobile phone, do a range average perhaps?

By the way, it seems that the G6 family will continue beyond the Smartphones following other reported names that remind us of those LG Friends who accompanied the G5 last year. We have G6 G6, Hybrid Fit, G6 Sense, G6 Young, G6 G6 and Forte Prix. The G6 Young Yes perhaps a new mobile phone but the rest are apparently some type fittings.

We are therefore waiting that get cited on February 26. It will be in Barcelona, at 12:00 in the morning Spanish time, when we can meet more firm commitment of LG this year 2017. Then we will know if the G6 arrives accompanied by the G6 Lite and the G6 Compact, or if the company space presentations to not subtract prominence to the main model.