LG Is Preparing a V20 Screen More Reduced for The International Market

At the beginning of last September we met to the successor of the LG V10, V20 LG, but unfortunately was not between the South Korean company plans to distribute it in Europe. The bad reception of the phablets in the European market are the main reason why LG has decided to restrict its sales to North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

But it seems that LG has not forgotten the Europeans and according to the news circulating around the topic, it is very likely to reach our hands a reduced version of the V20 that would keep most of the specifications of the original model. It also shuffles the possibility that the terminal includes features not added on the V20 LG, as the water resistance.

As we have learned by Phonearena, this smaller version of the LG V20 would change the 5.7-inch display by a 5.2 and would also reduce the memory from 64 GB to 32 GB. The power does not change, Since rumors suggest a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as processor, also accompanied by 4 GB of RAM.

Identical to the V34 on sale in Japan

Based on these data, it seems blatantly that LG V20 S could be almost identical to another model that is already selling in Japan, LG V34, of which we can say that it is literally a reduced version of the V2O. At the moment this is all what we know. Thankfully LG you have counted with the old continent in the face to launch its jewel in the Crown in the field of smartphones, albeit in a reduced version of the same.