LG V20 Already out Chest: Quad 32-Bit DAC to Enjoy The Best Sound in an Android

Mobile manufacturers are engaged in a constant war against direct rivals to achieve something that seems difficult when all share the same operating system and similar specifications: the real differentiation. Samsung seems to bet on curved screens, Huawei by double rear camera and LG has been time in photography and sound.

With the LG V10 already something similar happened. Excellent camera of LG G4 took a step forward with a second major front sensor angle to a more advanced manual mode, and with its dual camera. But also its focus in the sound with three microphones for recording and an advanced noise reduction system. Now LG V20 comes to influencing the sound again and getting a small milestone, be the first smartphone to mount a 32-bit Quad DAC.

LG has advanced it prior to submission

It seems that LG is convinced that the choice of sound as a differentiator It was a success in the LG V10. In fact, we find a module for LG G5 dedicated to the power and quality of audio within your Friends LG, the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & or PLAY. Now LG V20 incorporate a 32-bit Quad DAC to further enhance the multimedia experience in the terminal and will be the first to do so.

A DAC is nothing more than a chip located in the interior of a smartphone, in this specific case, and that It transforms the digital signal into analog signal. It is responsible, in profane terms, translate the digital signal into music we can listen through headphones or speakers of our device.

In the words of the manufacturer, “a Quad DAC provides a clear and vivid sound that comes close to the experience of sound live when used with a compatible headset. The sound is superior to the one that generates a traditional DAC Since you can reduce 50% ambient sound”.

LG bets on sound quality

Juno Cho, current President of LG Electronics, ensures that your new module 32-bit Quad DAC is built by ESS Technology, the company that already was commissioned to manufacture the DAC which looked the LG V10, and has not hesitated to define large strokes of his company’s intentions for the evolution of the quality of sound on smartphones.

A higher quality sound is the natural evolution of the smartphone, especially as industry is moving toward a more complete multimedia content consumption experience. We are glad to have this relationship of long-term partners with ESS Technology and carry the best sound to the users of the LG V20.

So you know it, the V20 LG still not has been presented as expected you for September 6, but its manufacturer already shows aspects of their terminal that can boast. In addition to its dual-screen, its possible to modularity, and be the first smartphone to assemble Android 7.0 Nougat, It will also be the first to offer a 32-bit Quad DAC to carry its maximum quality sound.