LG V20 Would Not Come to Europe… for The Time Being

Although the arrival of the iPhone 7 captured everyone’s attention, the manzanofono It was not the only smartphone announced last week. LG also chose the beginning of September to present a terminal that we were talking about for weeks: the LG V20.

South Korean brand presented the successor of the LG V10, its first smartphone that integrates a child screen on the main panel, which can be read notifications or put shortcuts in society. The company confirmed that the terminal would reach North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia, but they didn’t say anything about the launch in Europe, and everything indicates that at the moment we cannot lay the glove to your new smartphone from the old continent, Although it cannot be ruled out completely.

LG V20 was announced on Tuesday, September 6 and with it is strengthened the concept of dual screen that we saw in the LG V10, but duality goes far beyond. LG also opted for the double Chamber that we saw with the LG G5 and even approached design of its flagship, with a metal chassis of rounded edges and corners, but dropped the modular accessories along the way.

The company was not entirely clear about the arrival of the LG V20 to other regions like Europe and rumors that terminal would not come to the continent were not made to wait. It all started with a thread of Reddit whereby a user claimed to have received a refusal after contact with the head of communications for LG Belgium and later the British distributor Clove supported the theory that LG V20 would not reach Europe, at least not in an official way.

From Engadget Mobile, we got in touch with LG Spain for more details and, although it is possible a release coming soon, currently LG V20 is not in the plans of the company for our country. Similarly, Clove does not rule out that there is a limited in some countries will soon release, but is still no official confirmation.

LG V20 has awoken much expectation virtually worldwide and it is somewhat disappointing that the company won’t make a global deployment as Yes they did with his G and LG G5 series. The truth is that LG V20 has everything to play in the first division and even a substitute for G series, both in design and specifications.

You have fall-proof metal body, includes dual camera, a very advanced technical profile and adds the feature of the dual screen, in addition to the chip Quad DAC for higher quality sound. If anything can be blamed him free of the LG & Friends, modular of the G5 LG Accessories, although it does not seem that the formula has worked too well. There is still hope and We hope that LG assess their options and finish ahead of LG V20 a high-end of reference around the world.