LG V34, a “LG V20 Mini” Water Resistant That You Can Only Buy in Japan

It is difficult to know what LG aims to achieve with its catalog, leaving one of its best smartphones away from much of the territories of the planet now that do not pass by your best time. In many countries you can not buy LG V20 even we don’t know when, maybe never without reach for import, and it is not something new. It also happened with the LG V10.

Now LG gives a most curious way still. It takes all the best of the LG V20 and stuffed it into a body of 5.2 inches leave it in Japan, without the possibility of buying so far from there unless we risk to take it away from its borders. At least for now, of course, cannot be ruled out if LG decides to change its policy in the future. Let’s see what has the LG V34 for us.

So LG V34

LG V34 portal best of LG V20 and appears to correct a couple of defects, the absence of protection against dust and water, being the V34 a terminal with IP67, and its enormous size. Although the latter is not seen by many users as a defect, but as a virtue. Not in vain, it is considered that the V20 can be many sales falidas of the now-defunct Samsung Galaxy Note 7 receiver.

In LG V34 we find a 5.2-inch display that will shrink to the phone but that will not however that this loses its battery. Do not miss the double front screen, of course. LG has placed these 3,000 mAh battery of the 5.7-inch model. It will certainly be a great point in favor of their autonomy, something that would have to prove in a detailed analysis.

This little LG V34 arrives with a processor Snapdragon 820, the previous model at the 821, and it will be accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage in a single model. Although such memory can be expanded with a microSD with a limit not revealed by the manufacturer. There are also camera LG V20 nor your sound system.

As in the V20, the V34 LG will feature a Double 16 and 8 megapixel rear camera. The first with Aperture f/1.8 lens of 75 degrees, the second with 135 degree lens and aperture f/2.4, in such a way that we can play with the use of one or another sensor, and even combine them from the app of the terminal Chamber. For the front, the 8 megapixels of the V20 with Aperture f/1.9 lens angle of 120 degrees.

We talked about the quality of the sound, and here it is. The same 32-bit Quad Dac sensor manufactured by ESS Technology to offer a clear and vivid sound and that it can reduced by up to 50% ambient sound. The model will come to Japan so it will be compatible with the networks and local standards, including connectivity 2 + WiMax, LTE, VoLTE and even ready with ISDB-T chip to capture and play back live TV.

Why should we not buy this LG V34 far from Japan? It is a question that should be done to those responsible for the global catalog of LG smartphones. Without a doubt, and after the bad numbers that harvest the LG G5, would be a major boost for the figures of a manufacturer that recently was kicked out of the World Top 5.