LG X Cam, Analysis: Do The Consolidation of The Double Camera in The Range Average?

Maybe LG is not going through their best moment in terms of sales and that its LG G5, with a more than interesting bid to design modular already ruled out, have not worked as they waited in the bosom of the Korean manufacturer, but the bet by mobile continues offices southwest of Seoul. LG is still a manufacturer to take into account in the middle and lower ranges, and has stakes in flagships as LG V20. We now deal with one of the first to one of the models of its Specialist line.

Three models with three different flavors: a commitment to the autonomy, one for photography and one by the interaction. The second, the LG X Cam with double rear camera with care we have put on our table of analysis we have in our hands. A device’s range medium with enough interesting aspects and, above all, in some respects superior performance expected on paper, with some other disappointing detail. If you think, Join us through the analysis.

LG X Cam, which hides its casing

What appears to be built to meet user and little else, ends up becoming a somewhat more ambitious bet. A plastic body with metal frame and a design that initially hits a little but just getting used to that you. The main attribute of X Cam, the aspect that intends to sell the brand, is its double rear camera but it gives us different things. What hidden inside? Let’s take a look to your specifications.

Front camera8 megapixel camera

LG X Cam
Screen 5.2 inches FullHD LCD IPS
424 pixels per inch
Processor MediaTek 6735
Nuclei 8-core (8xA53) 1, 14GHz
GPU Mali-T720 MP3
Memory 16GB
I 6.0 Android Marshmallow
Connectivity LTE, 4.2, NFC, Bluetooth FM radio
Battery 2,520 mAh non-removable
Rear camera 13 + 5 dual f/2.0 megapixel
Other MicroUSB 2.0
Dimensions and weight 147,5 x 73.6 x 6.9 mm
118 grams
Current price 222 EUR

On the design and construction, light and pleasant

What most draws the attention of the LG X Cam as soon as we have it before us is its sobriety. We have confronted a smartphone with a completely clean design, whose front has only with the camera at the top, in addition to the speaker for calls and whose back is adorned by the double on top 13-megapixel sensor. A gray, sober, clean design and that Dodge pretty effectively both dirt and fingerprints.

LG X Cam is sober, something that may like or not like, but which is elegant

The placement of the buttons is quite classic, no surprises. The power button on the right side, on the top half, while the volume buttons are located just to the opposite side and at the same height. The top of the frame is clean and pan the SIM and microSD is on the right side, having to remove it with the classic metal skewer that comes in the box. The bottom is for headphone jack and microUSB connector.

Nothing of fingerprint on this LG X Cam, None of the Home button on the bottom nor buttons haptic. The handling of Android on the X Cam will be made exclusively with virtual buttons onscreen and that makes the LG logo on the front look all alone, crowning a design completely symmetrical and elegant curvature both the top as on the bottom, to die the glass directly on the metal frame.

To secure this LG X Cam plastic body and metal frame, as we mentioned before, surprisingly, its lightness. Only 118 grams for a 5.2-inch smartphone and that it does not have precisely with very thin frames. Great job on the weight in the X Cam, though it can be made to think that it can fall at any time, precisely because of how easy that is hold. However, the weight is well balanced and X Cam has an optimal and ergonomic, size quite nice 6.9 millimeters thick in hand.


Meizu M3 Note

LG X Cam

HTC 10 Lifestyle

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

Screen 5.5 inch 5.2 inch 5.2 inch 5.2 inch
Dimensions 153,6 x 75.5 x 8.2 mm 147,5 x 73.6 x 6.9 mm 145,9 x 71.9 x 9.0 mm 145.8 x 72.3 x 8.1 mm
Weight 160 grams 118 grams 161 grams 159 grams

As mentioned before, the rear plastic housing of the LG X Cam, which cannot be removed as a unibody design, resist quite well both fingerprints and dirt, something that also happens to your screen. Under normal conditions It is simple to keep X Cam with the feeling of being clean, Although with the passage of time the tracks begin to leave, despite the redundancy, mark. However, oleofugo treatment complies well with its task.

IPS LCD panels remain at a good level

We started to get used to the AMOLED to begin to reach the market in larger amounts that were used. Recently arrived to the point that its manufacturing achieved a milestone, to become cheaper than the IPS LCD manufacture, but the latter still have much to say LG has chosen by a panel with this technology for your LG X Cam.

A screen we ask sharpness, good level of brightness and a good touch. X Cam approves note in the three.

On the technical side, we are before a 5.2-inch diagonal IPS LCD panel with FullHD resolution. This means that the screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and that offers us a density, the data that really matters when talking about resolution, of 424 pixels per inch. The surface is of a size more than adequate, resolution is high, all is well.

Leaving aside the technical aspect, the practical and the visual, which we have obtained through analysis, is that most interests following the test of the device. Here is where he plays speak to the screen meet pretty well everything that we ask, Although its level outdoor thins a bit because of a not-too-high brightness level, although it represents the colors quite accurately.

The viewing angles are also pretty good, so we can see the display even when the phone is on a table, away from us. This also helps to the protective glass screen capture not too many sparkles, It contributes to the good general display of a panel which, as we mentioned, limps slightly when we are abroad.

If we are accustomed to the chute of brightness that some manufacturers of AMOLED applied on their screens when they are abroad, can we stay rather cold regarding the LCD panel from LG X Cam. But even with respect to other LCD, its behavior overseas is good but could be improved. The screen is visible whenever it markets over it the direct light of the Sun, but as soon as this happens, we will have difficulties. Maybe some extra nits would have made this screen somewhat rounder.

The double-tap on the screen should be a standard at this stage

Do not want to close the section of screen without highlighting that, as is becoming customary in LG from many generations, We have double-tap on the screen to turn it on and turn it off. No doubt a great help to be able to check the mobile without having to get it from the table or search the power button, and a point extra as We do not have a Home or physical button or haptic that support us. The double-tap one of those functions of the smartphones that do not understand that they are no longer a standard.

Let’s talk about your performance, better than expected

We must confess that we didn’t know what we were going to find the startup LG X Cam because their specifications had warned us that the thing could not go too well. LG has opted for a MediaTek for your device, but not one of the line helium which can expect something more fluency, but an eight-core 6753 to 1, 14GHz. We have to say, once finished the analysis, as We didn’t expect such fluidity.

He plays occasionally pull rod for fuelling manufacturers who do not do things well, and is also fair to acknowledge when working properly. The truth is that the chip of the LG X Cam makes that the terminal is extremely fluid, more than would be expected on a device of their range, a medium range, lower middle, which It behaves beautifully.

With only 2GB of RAM in which support is, X Cam does not have delays in the instructions we give you, well run applications and heavy games and not appreciated that we we have a “underpowered” terminal. However, the problem comes with multi-tasking. Change an application to another Yes is a rather slow process, and although it is not what we usually do with a smartphone, is where come to light their shortcomings.

Your little figure in RAM, while Marshmallow moves well with these amounts, makes that occasionally we step back to any app that we were using and this is closed. This problem is compounded the burden of them is not too fast, and we get a spot on a terminal which, on the other hand, works better than initially anticipated.


LG X Cam

Meizu M3 Note

Huawei P9 Lite

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Processor MediaTek 6753 MediaTek 6755 Kirin 650 Helium X 25
RAM 2GB 2GB / 3GB 2GB / 3GB 3GB
AnTuTu 34.559 43.746 52.934 88.987
single / multi
544 / 1.694 805 / 3.024 894 / 3.976 1.720 / 3.974
3DMark 6.768 5.478 14.187 14.126

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A good make of this LG X Cam you atribuimos also how optimized is your coat, a cover on Android Marshmallow which practically does not overload the system and has few apps presinstaladas, which are known as bloatware. We did not find much stranger to Android software and coating, LG UX 5.0, without being really useful, not clogs, which in itself is an achievement.

In general, and except for the small spot of multi-tasking by having little memory RAM for demanding current apps, LG X Cam behaves quite satisfactorily. Above all, as we mentioned at the beginning, to what would be expected of a chip MediaTek oblivious to the family of the helium and that it does not have a great power because of their core Cortex A53.

Autonomy is their dark spot

One of the pillars on which rests the criticism towards a Smartphone is, certainly, their autonomy. It is at this point that precisely limps LG X Cam. Its extreme lightness is penalized by a battery of only 2,520 mAh, not enjoying fast-loading and presenting not just satisfactory performance.

Four hours of screen are few, it is the principal defect of the LG X Cam

It is a real shame that the great drummer of the Specialist has fallen on the side of the LG X Power, because the energy consumption of your Cam X would have thanked approaching the 3,000 mAh, and even exceed them. With the 500 mAh that we are missing for that figure we would have been able to pass 4 hours, approximately, use of screen that offers. And without rapid charging, nor allows to recharge at any stop along the way.

Nobody would have complained if the 118 grams of LG X Cam had been some more in Exchange for a greater battery. It becomes difficult to get to the end of the day with available autonomy and only on a couple of occasions of little use we have managed to go home with a figure close to 20% of battery available. A pity, as we discussed, detract from the rest of the terminal.

The camera, little-exploited

We are entering a cumbersome land because we are facing a terminal that it boasts of get a double 13 and 5 megapixel sensor on the back. A double sensor of which we have not managed to elucidate the origin nor the model, but that has not yielded the expected level. Of course that we have a mid-range Android that can be purchased for little more than 200 euros, and is something to keep in mind when it comes to show their flaws, but the worst thing that can happen in these cases is that the sensor of a smartphone that boasts it not we fell in love. And the LG X Cam sensor not us in love.

We should have started this point talking about what is the use that LG has chosen for its double rear camera. We don’t talk about Zoom, or selective blur or use the camera to get a great depth of field, talked about the use of the double sensor that we have already seen, for example, in the LG G5. With a normal vistualizacion sensor and another sensor with a wide-angle that, also, a bit away photographed objects.

We can, therefore, choose at every moment what kind of photography we want to capture. A current and moliente, or one extended, with a greater angle of vision (120 °) and, therefore, with most of all in its interior. LG says that this big sensor angle is suitable for capturing group photos and landscapes, and the truth is that it is not wrong. We have appreciated their presence in certain shots in which we wanted to capture more of what your normal sensor allowed us. The problem is that it is precisely the only thing we can do with its dual camera. Its virtue is its limitation.

Move from one sensor to another is extremely simple, as we have in the screen, always present, an icon on which you only have to press. Lens is then exchanged though the jump from one to another is not especially fast, and we will only have to press the capture button so the smartphone to do the rest. However, the picture quality decreases when use wide-angle lens, and it is not a problem with resolution. A pity because both could have counted with the same quality, thus offering users an easier choice. Take classic, takes wider.

As for photographs, as such, they are quite faithful to the reality of the environment that capture. We don’t notice overexposure nor excess Overdrive, colors are displayed as they can be seen at a glance and what if notice is a slight reduction of the quality as we need some light. The edges are crisp, the dynamic range is pretty good and the focus is fast. Nothing in these aspects.

The camera would have been more leveraged software according to its possibilities, but again unfortunately the camera including LG application is too simple and doesn’t let us Tinker to try and get better results. We have an automatic mode, a Popout with filters in real time to decide what we apply to photography and capture already with the selected filter, and a Panorama mode to capture even more field of view which we catch with the automatic mode. And it’s over, there is much more.

The front, 8 megapixel camera, makes even to a higher standard than the rear subassembly. Very crisp edges, real colors and a focal length quite good to get a wide decision without needing to move the arm too, or use a stick for selfies. Possibly, to this day, whichever is the most widely used camera of a terminal in certain groups of users, slightly raises the overall level photographic This LG X cam.

Photographically, the LG X Cam has its good things, of course, as the recognition of faces or for voice control, something that we have seen already in other smartphones from LG, but this LG X Cam camera has left us somewhat cold, and that should not happen with a terminal that leads precisely to your camera by flag, even in his own name. We would have liked to be able to say that your camera is outstanding for its price range but although it fulfills everything we ask, leaves us with a bittersweet aftertaste.

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The sound, here it is met

We leave the section on camera which, as mentioned, it has left us somewhat cold and move on to the section of the sound, which is also important for a complete experience in the multimedia aspect. Here if we encounter with a good sound system whose only flaw is probably on your speaker placement. Located in the lower back, we can come to cover the exit of audio without much difficulty. Perhaps the frame would have been a most beneficial to its performance position.

In all other respects, the sound produced by LG X Cam is powerful and sharp, with a good quality and that has shown no distortions, despite the fact that we’ve had for our official testing: Ariana Grande and its step bass to treble. Videos are heard with good volume and the sound is pretty well calibrated, although we we miss a little over reinforcement bass at certain times.

The headphone output, another important aspect, also leaves the bar high. With both series headphones and more quality headset, LG X Cam offers a good listening experience with power and clarity, and a maximum volume that we will have to reduce many times because he is not short of power. If we left a high good on camera, the LG X Cam sound is remarkably high, without a doubt.

LG X Cam, Engadget Mobile view

Being honest, we expected that LG shocked us pleasantly with the Cam X of its Specialist range, but has been slightly by under what would be expected of it in some key respects. With points in their favor as the performance, design and display points slightly against as the sobriety of the result of its dual camera, X Cam stays one step away from being a remarkable smartphone, even if we add price to your equation.

If you are looking for is a terminal that does not give us problems in everyday life, with a decent performance and to be able to run any application at any time, LG X Cam should be one of our options. Always having in mind that a high usage can finish with the handset off before time, and that your camera is far from being surprising because of a double sensor, in our view, wasted.

LG for this Cam X bet seems not to heap despite which on paper is that it will give us less than what really gives us. A pity that some aspects will subtract note to a device that could have flown higher. However, and considering the League where the disputed parties this X Cam, it’s an option that not desencantará to their users. To us, however, leave us some bitterness between the lips. Perhaps because we expected something more.

In favour

  • Although sober, it is elegant and resistant
  • Marshmallow becomes practically clean, and is appreciated
  • The sound leaves the media note level


  • The autonomy
  • The camera does not shine as it should and feel wasted
  • Multi-tasking takes more memory RAM

The terminal has been granted to the test by LG. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.