Lgs G5 Challenges Galaxy S7

Samsung and LG introduce their new smartphone flagships in Barcelona. The Galaxy S7 is perfected, the G5 shines with innovative new products. What concept WINS?

The direct duel of the Smart phone Giants Samsung and LG in Barcelona was expected with great excitement. Now, the two opponents in the ring-with different concepts and strategies are available. While Samsung wants to defend its leading position with a consequent further development, LG is attacking with innovations.Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages. Buyers of the Galaxy S7 can rely on to get a Smart phone that delivers top performance in all known categories, but offers no extraordinary news.Those who opt for the LG G5, receives a device that has functions that so far did not exist, must anticipate but may be teething problems.

Stronger, More Beautiful, Out Of Continuous

It is difficult to find weaknesses in the Galaxy S7. Samsung has largely retained the great design of its predecessor, and made even more attractive by a few additional details and a lowered camera. In addition, the new smart phone now available-such as the older Galaxy S5-is water-and dust-proof. The new water-cooled Exynos processor is more than adequate a beast, the memory.

The Galaxy S7, Samsung continues to microUSB.

This Samsung has significantly increased the battery capacity of S7 and its larger edge variant which is why the duo with a tightly fitted construction is no Große Blöße. Through the additional reserves, while the S7 has a slightly higher weight than its predecessor, but that is irrelevant. The AMOLED display is beyond any criticism and now offers an always on function. The camera is even faster and will as at the top snapping from the S6, two photodiodes per XL pixel refine the quality. And so that there is no more disk space problems, Samsung has created space for a microSD card. Whether buyers of Samsung’s accept abandoning the new USB-C standard as a pragmatic decision or consider lack of progress, remains to be seen.

Extendible, Farsighted, Refined

LG has gone a few steps further than Samsung. The Korean arch-rival has eliminated not only weaknesses, but more or less reinvented its Smart phone. The G5 is confronting the S7 with shiny metal armor, put in the extraordinary innovations that as yet did not exist. So LG has given a USB-C base with drawer the device, on which various components can be inserted. Thus, it is not only possible to change the battery in no time, but also to upgrade the Smart phone athletes with additional features. Among other things, a camera control with battery pack and a HiFi extension available are for the G5. LG allows also third-party to develop additional components for the G5.

The G5, the battery can be pulled out and plugged in again with additional components.

LG confronts the Galaxy S7 Super camera with a dual camera-a delivers standard images the other ultra wide-angle images. The design follows the G5 the function more, but offers two small refinements by a top curved front and a waiver of cut-outs for the antennas. With regard to performance, is almost as good as the Galaxy S7 the LG G5 with a Snapdragon 820 and 4 gigabytes of memory. The AMOLED display is confronting the S7 screen at eye level, LG also has built in an always on function.

The User Decides

Innovation against perfection – a really exciting duel. Which device WINS, is not yet decided. LG correctly transposed his potentially groundbreaking concept, it should conquer the hearts of fans of the technology in the storm definitely. At first glance, everything seems to be working perfectly, and to include the future of LG. The modular approach must prove but it remains itself-including through more offers. LG files on subtleties, especially in the software. Therefore, the G5 rises only about a month after the S7 in the sale, what white Samsung certainly to his advantage. Also many normal users in case of doubt are likely to put on the proven quality of the Galaxy racers, and the fantastic design of S7 models is also not to be underestimated weapon in the fight to win the favor of the buyer. The cameras may decide the duel of unequal opponents.

What concept provides the better or more interesting results, we will see.Finally, the prices will play a large role. Samsung requires for its devices according to a gel files prospectus 700 and 800 euros, LG could adjust its prices accordingly.