M10 Olight Maverick: So Small And So Powerful

Review Overview

Whenever someone says to you: ” size does not matter, the important thing is that…”, are thinking: “ya, ya, you didn’t you, but come on, that largest…”.

But you also know that size is important, not only big, but also to a reduced size, you potential you want. It is the case of the New M10 Olight Maverick, size flashlight super reduced and high power that arises as the best alternative to carry undetected in any pocket of your hunting gear.

In addition, it incorporates New Cree XM-L2 LED, that adds 20% additional power. The maximum of this flashlight is 350 lumens, enough for most everyday use, as listofledlights says.

It incorporates three levels of power and strobe offering a high deep beam of light. The ignition is via double switch and changing modes.

This prepared against unexpected (nobody gets rid of an accidental ostia) with a body of aviation aluminum and a stainless steel ring around the lens that comes armoured anti reflex and ultra clear to 98%.

To offer greater security, it comes with a DC circuit with high efficiency and reverse polarity protection.

And finally, for your convenience comes with a reversible Pocket clip. Thus it is very difficult that you lost.

With a very interesting price, it is a good pocket torch.