Marshall Headphones:Check Out the Models Sold in Brazil

Famous brand for amplifiers also produces high-quality headphones for sound and finishing;Know the models in Brazil

Marshall is a famous brand of amplifiers, but it also has an interesting catalog of high-quality headphones.In Brazil, we find some of these models for sale and are intended for those who want to invest a little more when it comes to buying such an accessory.

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Overall, Marshall headphones stand out for design, good workmanship and high sound quality, regardless of price range and phone profile.Next, you will know four models that can be found in Brazilian trade.

Marshall Minor Pitch – R $ 330

With an in-ear design, the Minor Pitch draws attention to the Ear Click: an appendage of the earpiece that allows greater stability when in use, ensuring that the handset does not slip out or fall off easily.In addition to this detail, the Minor Pitch has four sets of tips to facilitate the adaptation to auditory channels of various sizes.

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In terms of sound quality, the Minor Pitch is a type of handset with less emphasis on bass.There is a remote control in the cord that may have compatibility limitations, depending on the version you purchased and the operating system used on your device.

Marshall Major

Found in various colors, the Major is the earpiece of the manufacturer that is easiest to find in Brazil.With prices starting at $ 720, the Major is an over-ear finish of good quality and uses cables.Compatible with smartphones, the Major offers microphone and remote control in the cable.In addition, the accessory is sold accompanied with a 6.3mm plug adapter for those who have more professional use in mind.

The Major can be found in various colors and even in different models.Major II, for example, has Bluetooth version, is more expensive, and relatively difficult to be found in the Brazilian market.

Marshall Major II – R $ 900

With a design very similar to the Major, the Major II is distinguished by the option of the Bluetooth model (there is also the Major II exclusively wired), which allows autonomy of up to 30 hours of playback without needing to recharge the battery.But the option for the Bluetooth version does not restrict use to this mode: Major II offers cable entry and can be used in this mode.

The use with cable may even be more convenient, since it saves battery power and gives the user access to playback controls on the wire.This versatility also means that it is possible to share music with the handset: while listening via Bluetooth, the user can release the cable output so that another handset from a friend is connected.

Marshall Monitor – R $ 1,700

The Monitor is a headset with over-ear design and more professional footprint than the Major.As the name suggests, the model can be used as a monitor by professionals in the audio production area, but it can also please more demanding users with regard to sound quality.

There are specific versions for Android and iOS (due to the controls on the wire) and there are still some interesting features: the handset allows you to share sound via an extra output, the wire avoids entanglement, and the handset finish is high quality, with metal details and Vinyl coating.

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