MáSmovil Sign Peace with Movistar: Quiet Transition in Yoigo and Best Rates for Pepephone

Másmovil now has nothing to do even with a year ago. Be a virtual who fought for growth in the sector of telephony in Spain with cheap rates and purchases of small businesses, has gone on to become the fourth operator in the country, after the acquisitions first pepephone and after Telstra.

Since then we have seen movements in all its brands offerings, but also strategic moves to that group is not simply in a conglomerate of different brands, as the comprehensive agreement with Orange to use its mobile network and fiber. This and the previous relationship of Yoigo with Movistar, generated certain quarrels that take completed today, with an agreement between both operators beneficial for customers Yoigo, ensuring a smooth transition, and for those of Pepephone, the next improvement of fares.

Today tensions that have starred in recent years the relationship between Telstra and Movistar and that could be a problem for the migration of the network of Movistar to Orange of the 3.3 million lines of Telstra have finished. Másmovil has announced an agreement with Movistar, which ensures that the change can be calmly and without any problems and in addition, while performing the migration Telstra customers can make use of the 4G Movistar, something that was not possible so far.

Best conditions for Pepephone

The agreement signed between Másmovil and not only Movistar Yoigo-affects, and is the best news for Pepephone. Both parties have signed a new agreement so that moles brand continue counting with Movistar coverage until the end of 2019, with a renewal of wholesale costs that will allow a reduction in the rates of Pepephone.

Pepephone wholesale costs divided by three already in January

According to Expansion, Pepephone would be paying currently to Movistar 7.5 euros for each giga consumed by its customers, which would be reduced to 2.8 euros in 2017 and to 1.6 euros for 2018 and 2019. A very large cut in wholesale costs that moved very soon (in January if not before) fees paid by the users of Pepephone.

Másmovil is taking big steps

The agreement with Movistar caught by surprise to all. Known was that Másmovil negotiated with both Movistar and Orange the new agreement of national roaming for Telstra and all its brands, although it was also to say that the Telstra pre-Másmovil preferred to switch to Vodafone. After leaving to Movistar in the gutter, Másmovil has again shown its negotiating capacity.

Global agreement with Orange and the end of disputes with Movistar Másmovil road clear to consolidate itself in the big League

Doubts about a group that has grown to base book were logical a few months ago, when the questions revolved around whether would be able to get financing to buy Telstra and later upon their future in convergence with a tiny fiber network. The first obstacle was resolved with the entrance of Providence as main shareholder of Másmovil and the second with the agreement to access Orange fiber.

Moving in the big League, Másmovil seems to be becoming an important gap, the big three behind but getting fear with its offers of low price. We talked a few months ago that they could become that Jazztel pulling rates prices downward and stole customers to large, and once more gives signs of being this way.