Maternity Clothes to Hide Pregnancy

Nobody expects you to be fine and thin while pregnant (and therefore enjoy their new curves), if you still feel more rounded than you like, use these tricks to look your legs longer and hips – more narrow.

Trick 1. Wear jeans with straight cut.

Straight jeans with a slightly flared legs, hips and tummy balance and create the illusion of longer and thinner body. Wear dark jeans or trousers for even more slim effect.

Trick 2. Wear clothes in one color from head to toe.

The monochrome dress is another trick as pregnancy tops to look slim and toned. For example, wear a black dress with black stockings lycra and black shoes or brown top with cotton trousers in the same color and shoes with heels. Accent color you can add through a scarf or necklace.

Trick 3. Put the belt on the abdomen.

Avoid wearing loose shirts, tunics or dresses cut straight, they will make you look more coarse than you. For slim effect put the belt under the belly when you wear t-shirts, tunics or dresses. Shirts and dresses that fall freely into the abdomen have the same effect.