Microsoft Tests the Self-Produced Mobile

According to the our site Microsoft is working with component suppliers in Asia on its own smartphone.

Microsoft is working with a component supplier in Asia, and test their own smartphone design, claiming the Wall Street Journal.

Spokespersons for some of Microsoft’s component suppliers are telling the our site that Microsoft is testing a smart mobile design, but that they are uncertain about whether the product will come into production.

A source tells the our site that the screen of the mobile Microsoft tester, now has a size of between four and five inches.

It is not the first rumors about a Microsoft Mobile. There was also rumors when Microsoft presented their tablet Surface. Back then it was disowned by Microsoft’s Marketing Manager Greg Sullivan.
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal would not comment on the fact that Microsoft new rumors.

-“We are happy this Christmas season to be able to market products together with Nokia, Samsung and HTC. If we plan on second or, in the absence of any plans, I will not comment in any way, “told Steve Ballmer.

Our site website should also have spoken with sources relating to a Microsoft-Mobile, assessing it as a plan B, if not Microsoft’s partners are doing well enough on the market.