Million Mile LED Lights

In sports or leisure – when the sun goes down, a flashlight can not hurt. Million Mile Light is one such lamp. Only this does not need batteries or needs to be recharged.

The inventors expect a very bright light, compact dimensions and a very long life, until the four LEDs could just shortened lifetime. And how does it work?


Without battery does not work and the Million Mile Lighting. However, the 36-gram gadget does not need to the socket, if you move regularly. An integrated motion engine generates power by allowing physically upgraded to – jogging, running, running, or perhaps walking briskly. This alone should be enough to supply the four LEDs with power and beyond that to save for a later date. The creators emphasize here is that the millions Mile Light had already left the prototype status, it is so to speak is a finished and functional product. Technically the smallest detail you do not go, however.

The four LEDs are concentrated and intensified, resulting in the air up to 200 meters from a distance or bundled recognizable can illuminate the environment through special lenses. A viewing angle of 120 degrees can be achieved by the arrangement of the LEDs.

For athletes

Especially those who go jogging more often, for example in the park when darkness falls, should be happy with the Million Mile Light. Here the manufacturer recommends best to use two lamps – front and rear of the body. If you need more, use more. Probably as many until it looks silly.

At least the basic idea seems very good to arrive, even though I’m decently skeptical that enough energy can be produced. With Kickstarter found within a very short time in 1000 prospective customers who want a copy. This is perhaps also the price: The equivalent of some 20 euros will cost a Million Mile Light when it is delivered from January 2016th Not a bad price for that producing their own electricity and thus the long term perhaps even saving low energy costs and the purchase of new batteries. And this is certainly good for the environment.