Missing You Mobile Power at Roskilde? Here Is a Brilliant Plan

Five students have found an ingenious plan that helps the festival guests with keeping power on the smart phone.

Five students from DTU has devised a brilliant plan, which starts with that gather around 130,000 people, all of whom bring their own mobile phone.

After some time, these people will be on the hunt for power, and the five students are now ready as “power-emergency workers” at the Roskilde Festival.

They have found a solution in the form of a battery that serves as a portable power outlet, and works on virtually all smartphones. It writes our site. The concept is named the Volt, and the idea occurred at Roskilde Festival last year.

165 kroner

Volt battery provides power to your phone about a 24-hour, but paid only once. Subsequently, you can borrow a new battery and swap when it is flat.

It costs 165 dollars to take advantage of this solution for the entire Festival.

Volt started gently with the 500 festival to give customers the opportunity to purchase the solution. It was soon extended to 650, but on the Festival’s second day was sold out.

You can also find the Volt at samso Festival and Skanderborg Festival.