Mobile Grants Be Reinstated-Buy iPhone for 199 SEK

Buy Galaxy S III for 399 USD, or an iPhone 4S for 199 kr. After a break, gives one telecom company now again customers, cash grants for the purchase of a new mobile.

The last long while telecommunications operators have focused on selling mobile phones in instalments, so that the customer pays a small amount every month, for up to 24 months.

But the phone company 3 will now go back to give customers mobile grants at the time of purchase of new phone. The advantage is that one is not bound to pay for many months. The downside to be paid more money each month.

However, customers should be aware that the combination of subscriptions and prices is almost endless, and at the border to be unmanageable.

Example: iPhone for 199 SEK

In the new pricing structure may be a iPhone 4S 16 GB purchased at 199 kroner plus 99 kroner in creation. Subsequent paid 500 dollars per month for the phone in six months, and a subscription price of 299 dollars (3Fordel 15 Hours). A total of 799 dollars.

3 give in Equation 1,536 dollars in mobile discount, so the total minimum cost ends at 5,092 crowns.

In addition, earned a bonus of 30 dollars each month, which can be used for the purchase of the next cell.

In comparison, costs the same smartphone, according to our site, approximately. 4,500 dollars without subscription.

Example: Samsung Galaxy S III to 399 dollars

If you buy a Galaxy S III with same subscription, as the above (3Fordel 15 Hours), is mobile subsidy at 2,136 crowns, and the price at checkout ends at 399 dollars and 99 dollars for creation (498 dollars).

The subscription will cost 299 dollars each month for six months, and the cell phone over the shortest possible period with 400 dollars per month ($ 699;/mdr.).

The total cost of the bond period ends at 4,692 crowns, and earned still a bonus of 30 dollars per month, for mobile purchases.

The fair price on Samsung Galaxy S III, according to our site, is about 4,400 crowns, without subscription.

Still servicing charges on mobiles

It requires no more than a brief look on 3 ‘s new pricing structure before the overview is lost.

If customers seem to 500 dollars a month for an iPhone is too much money, can there be a bigger payout, after which the monthly price will be lower. In addition, the total prices also change, depending on the subscription that comes into play.

3 still have interest-only options, but here are a notch more expensive phones. Thus cost iPhone 4S 16 GB and Samsung Galaxy S III, from the above examples, respectively 5,908 DKK and 6,108 DKK as total cost.On the other hand, the amount of monthly payments down to 189 kronor in 24 months. Subscription (3Basis) is located at 179 kronor per month.

The new pricing structure comes into effect Monday 9. July 2012.