Molomo, Edit and Share Your Photographs on Social Networks

Every time we have more applications of photographs on social networks, either Picplz, Lightbox or any of the many alternatives in the Android Market there are a large number of apps to edit photos with filters and publish them instantly to share with your contacts.

From this wide range today we bring you Molomo, one of the latest additions to this great list of applications of photography who aspire to be crowned as the most popular among users and the truth is that reasons not missing because Molomo has much to offer.

At first glance we have the typical Instagram clone: We do a photo, apply a filter, and got it. Up to there nothing new, the process is very simple; something elementary that this kind of applications to succeed.

In addition to fulfilling its primary objective Molomo us offers a series of filters that we can edit our photos. The selection and variety of effects is quite wide and will also unlock new as we upload more photos.

The interface, as you can see in the screenshots, it is very intuitive and allows us to see our photos, those of our friends and the most popular in a very simple way. The only downside is that some of the menu items are a little rough and could be polished a bit more.

Once we have done the photography, as well as share it with our friends in Molomo, can share it on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. A binomial which for many is enough but possibly some pour into other networks missing integration as Tumblr.

Molomo also with a notification system that will let us know when someone comment on a photo or mark it as a favorite. In addition, the application will reward us with a medal as we achieve certain goals, something similar to FourSquare badges.

The best of Molomo

The easy to use application and the amount of effects makes Molomo is a highly recommended application. In addition, thanks to its integration with the various social networks encouraged those who follow much Facebook and Twitter to publish our photos with Molomo. The application, by the way, is free.

Worst of Molomo

One thing that has not finished to convince me of the application is the lack of zoom. Molomo uses its own system to make photographs and not allows us to expand. On the other hand still missing that people use the application to track your photos from the own app.

1.2 Molomeversion. 15beta

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Molomo
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography

Molomo is an application that allows us to take pictures, edit them with filters and share them with your contacts through social networks quickly and easily.