Motorola Razr i-Intel Processor and Nice Screen

Motorola has just unveiled their latest smartphone Razr in, with Intel processor and the Super AMOLED display.

Motorola has recently presented three new models, the Razr M, Razr HD and HD Razr Maxx.

Now the company is ready with yet another smartphone, but this time with a completely different chipset than previously seen from the manufacturer.

Intel supplies for forces in the Motorola Razr in, with their latest Atom processor running at a speed of up to 2.0 GHz.

The phone also comes with a 2,000 mAh battery that promises up to 20 hours of use, 8 megapixels camera with “instant-picture” feature that can take up to 10 pictures per second, 4.3 inch Super-AMOLED screen with “edge-to-edge” design, as well as NFC technology.

The phone is surrounded by an aluminum frame with kevlar on the back and the Gorilla Glass 2 to protect the screen of your phone.

In addition, the phone just like previous models nano-treated, which means that the phone is resistant to water.

Uncertainty about Denmark

Motorola Razr in comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but the company promises an update for Jelly Bean in the future.

Motorola announces that the phone comes to selected European markets, we have made contact with Motorola in order to learn more about accessibility in Denmark, but is waiting for the response.

You can see pictures and further information on Motorola Raz i, here via their website.

Below you can see a presentation of the Razr Maxx from our site.