Mountain Equipment Drilite – Just Dry and Easily

Already on the OutDoor trade fair last year, could we take a first look at the brand new Drilite collection of Mountain Equipment . Permanently water & windproof, breathable, lightweight, robust and even less than 250 euros. The British manufacturer makes it possible with his own diaphragm Drilite and offers five different types of jacket mountain sports specialist since this spring for a small purse. Is designed for three different applications for fast mountain races and trail running, hiking and trekking up to Alpine tours and climbing for everyone and wife something.

The new Drilite consists of a monolithic and hydrophilic polyurethane membrane material. With a water column of 20,000 mm it is 24 hours absolutely waterproof and the MVTR of 20,000 g/m2/at the same time very breathable. This will ensure permanently optimal climate comfort even during sweat-inducing activities. Drilite was carefully designed to be permanently water – and windproof, but also lightweight, stretchy and durable. The result is a very versatile material.


The two coats of Micron and lattice are the lightest of Drilite collection. Minimal weight and minimal design make them ideal for mountain, trail runners and Ultra-Runner. The Drilite 12D material makes the jacket to the lightest and smallest packbaren, waterproof jacket of our collection in

The body-hugging cut with pre-shaped sleeves is very mountain runners and walk. Should it once exhausting and diaphoretic, among the poor for which necessary ventilation vents. A cover prevents the ingress of moisture. The Velcro fasteners on the elastic cuffs also serve as thumb loops, so that everything there is where it belongs.

Weight: 215 g (Micron jacket), 250 g (lattice jacket)
EIA: 179.90 euro or 189.90 euros


Two more technical jackets vector and Aeon are universal applicable and provide anytime, anywhere protection against the elements, no matter whether high up at the top or at the bottom of the Valley, no matter whether in the several days trekking in the Himalayas or on a day hike in the Alps. The new sporty, not too narrow cut leaves sufficient freedom of movement and even enough room with the pre-shaped sleeves to pull a warming fleece including times.

The hood with the sturdy, reinforced screen grants always unobstructed view in all directions. Who does not need it even can store at the Aeon jacket collar. The bags are easily accessible for both models with climbing or waist belt.

Due to the Aeon jacket, there is the Aeon pant. Made of waterproof Drilite 40 d. The side zip about ¾ of the leg is on and pull out easily.

Weight: 330 g (AEON jacket), 210 g (AEON Pant), 280 g (vector jacket)
EIA: 199,90 EUR or 189.90 euros


The Gryphon jacket offers the ultimate protection in the most inhospitable conditions. The extremely stretchable material makes the jacket ideal can be used in motion-intensive activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering and ski touring go.

The new sporty, not too narrow cut with pre-shaped sleeves allows sufficient freedom of movement without applying these thick and can be even enough space to draw a warm fleece including times. The helmet-compatible hood with the sturdy, reinforced screen allows always free visibility – whether with or without a helmet. The Gryphon jacket is a durable, flexible, functional and waterproof jacket for the highest demands on rock, ice and snow, no matter what the weather.

Weight: 385 g
EIA: €249,90

You can find more info and also product videos to the five jackets, mountain and on YouTube. The jackets among our partner shop are available our site.