My Junior Stroller Experience Report: Miyo 3 in 1

Individual reviews are still very much in demand and so we are now describing our experiences with the My Junior Stroller.As a growing parent, one makes many thoughts about the future movement with child and cone.

The stroller plays a central role.Newborns should be taken to the fresh air as often as possible.But they need a lot of protection and comfort.This is especially true when the baby is born in the winter.

Not everyone has a specialist store nearby to get an advice from the experienced baby outfitter.That is why many of them have a combination of different attachments and a ride.So everything fits perfectly together, as is the case, for example, with the Miyo stroller.We chose it because it offers a very extensive equipment (after all, 11 parts) and does not demand too much from the price.

My Junior Stroller Experience Report Miyo 3 in 1

A stroller does not only have four wheels and a tub, as babyinger says. He has to give the parents an energetic grip.With different attachments, you can easily change between walk, car and home, without leaving your baby’s protective environment.Below we explain why we consider the Miyo baby caravan to be a good choice.In our overriding stroller comparison, the Miyo has also done very well: baby carriages

My Junior Stroller: The all-rounder with 3 Attachments

Important for many parents in the My Junior stroller is the question of whether the car simply folds.We can answer this question with a clear “yes”.The dimensions of the folded frame are low with 95x58x30cm should fit easily into most trunks.A few more technical data & information:

Suitable from : birth up to 4 years of age
Weight : 7 kg (the frame)
Measurements : 60 x 110 x 89 cm
Design : 8 different (Ivory, Dark Gray etc.)
Warranty : 2 + 1 years
Folded: 95x58x30 cm

My Junior Stroller Experience Report 2

As already mentioned, the Miyo stroller consists of 11 parts.This is to ensure a good transport of your baby in any situation.It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at the details of the large components.As part of our My Junior Stroller Check, we have looked at them closely.

Stroller frame : Made of aluminum, the frame of the Miyo stroller weighs only 7 kilograms.It can be collapsed with just one click so that it is only 30 cm in height.Thus, the stroller is also suitable for flat trunk rooms.The tub can be left on the frame or stored separately.

The front wheels can be locked, otherwise you can steer in all directions.The stroller is suspended via two adjustable steps.In the beginning, you should take advantage of the maximum suspension, later you can change to the lower damping.

The baby bath : My Junior has used 100% natural cotton.This provides a pleasant climate for sleeping.Your baby can lie in the resting position or be rocked like on your arm while driving.Mattress and sun canopy can be customized.This also applies to ventilation slots to avoid sweating, especially in the summer.If cleaning is necessary, the inner life can be washed at 30 degrees.

Miyo Baby Bowl : For short walks, but especially for car trips, use the Miyo Baby Bowl.It is held securely over the 3-point belt.The system complies with the ECE R44 / 04 standard.This Sigel stands for a sufficient security according to European standards.The baby tray can also be used on an Isofix mount can be equipped with this baby tray (systems by MaxiCosi or Cybex).

Sportbuggy Tower : And if your baby has grown to a toddler, switch to the Buggy Tower.Your prince or princess is held over the 5-point harness.3 steps in the backrest allow you to sit straight up to the slightly inclined reclining position.

What else is there?: With the My Junior stroller you get a color matching diaper bag.Under the tower is a spacious shopping basket.You can walk your goods and bring home without another bag.A protective footmuff can be attached to the sports seat and the baby bowl.Regencape and mosquito net are on top.

My Junior Stroller Experience Report 1

Advantages and Weaknesses of the My Junior Stroller

The MyJunior + is in the middle of the price.There are much more expensive but also cheaper baby carriages for the beginning.However, you will save a lot of money in the long run, because you are provided with the next four years.As long as My Junior suggests, you can use the stroller.At the latest, however, your son or daughter will outgrow the possibilities.

In everyday life with the My Junior Stroller, it became clear that changing the attachments is very easy.We see a few small optimization possibilities in the car seat, which could tolerate a thicker upholstery.

In order to release the stroller’s brake, it takes some strength.The diaper bag is visually not exactly a designer piece, as the manufacturer could do something better.

Of course, there is still a lot of air up there.This does not always have to mean a better quality, but there is the tendency for baby carriages.

Conclusion : The My Junior Stroller is a very good stroller in the middle price segment.We consider the Miyo baby carriage as a very good solution and are, apart from the above mentioned little things with the product very satisfied.Moreover, there is also the more than fair price.

MyJunior + Miyo Baby Carriages

The MyJunio + Miyo stroller can be bought from well-known online shops.A second-hand purchase is, of course, also possible, if the frame and all other parts could be checked beforehand.

When buying a used baby car from a private person, you are not entitled to any warranty.Unless we give you the bill and the first three years have not yet elapsed.For the search for a used Miyo Ebay offers: Link to Ebay

When you purchase the Miyo pram online, you get the full three years warranty.You can also choose from the eight designs and compare the prices of the various mail-order houses.

My Junior Stroller Experience Report 3

MyJunior + Miyo on Amazon

Suitable from : birth up to 4 years of age
Weight : 7 kg (the frame)
Measurements : 60 x 110 x 89 cm
Design : 8 different (Ivory, Dark Gray etc.)
Warranty : 2 + 1 years

399.90 EUR

Buy it at Amazon

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