Netflix Monthly Pass Costing R $ 19.90 in Brazil

Last month, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, confirmed the increase in the monthly service in all markets in which the company operates, as advance by our site. As reported at the time, with Brazil would be no different: on Friday (9), the company revealed that the new price in the country goes to R $ 19.90 per month, an amount that is within the “psychological barrier” from $ 20.

Netflix began sending an email to its customers informing the adjustment, but with an important caveat: the amount of R $ 19.90 will be valid for new subscribers. For those who already use the service, the current monthly fee of R $ 16.90 will be maintained until 1 June 2015, ie for these users, the new price will be worth only a year from now.

In the message, the company said only that the increase will ensure the addition of “more and more movies and TV series.” It is still true: Netflix is betting increasingly on own production, as the series House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, and, of course, the necessary licensing agreements for third-party productions.

But certainly other factors weighed in the decision as possible agreements with operators to avoid compromising your streaming. In February this year, for example, the company agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to Comcast provider for more speed for your data traffic after US consumers complained of slow service.

Note that the “family” plan, which allows up to four simultaneous access to the service from a single account, was also affected by the decision and will cost R $ 26.90. The old value of R $ 25.90, will also be kept for a year for those who are already a subscriber.

The new customer who want something a little more account can also use the plan that allows access only to a signature transmission (standard plan allows two accesses at the same time) and does not display images in HD. This option now costs $ 17.90.

Netflix also announced new fees for their service in other countries. In the United States, for example, the adjustment is $ 1, but the old value of $ 7.99 for anyone who is already user will be kept for two years and not just one, as in Brazil.