New Clues about The LG G6: It Will Be a Water Resistant Smartphone

To little more than one month of celebration of the upcoming Mobile World Congress, the brands we are giving away (or are filtering) a lot of details about what it will bring to the mobile market this year. In the case of LG, there are many features that are coming on the new flagship of the Korean company. Among them we learned a few days ago that the future LG G6 arrives with a screen QHD + and 18:9 ratio.

Following with fresh news on the terminal in which LG deposited their hopes for this year, we have known a new feature that connects to the end of the modules, and is the new LG G6 water resistant. The company has been commissioned to announce this feature using a hanging video on his official YouTube channel.

In the video posted by LG can observe that the company would have asked different users what features should be for them the perfect smartphone. LG brings together all these features chosen by the people in a prototype that would be the new LG G6, which is at the end of the video the water resistance.

Others suggested qualities, and that we could probably find in the new terminal, would be that you have big screen (something that we talked about before), a compact body that also has been confirmed with the Elimination of the modules that we found ourselves in the LG G5 and the possibility of use it with one hand. Hope the presentation of LG G6 which will be the next next month in the new edition of the MWC, finally meet all the details the big bet of the company.