New LG G6 Tracks: without Modules But with Iris Scanner

2016 is approaching to an end, and, as tradition dictates, they are beginning to get rumors of who will be the ship logo next year. The next smartphone LG star already has staged some than other filtration and now is back in the news for the possible integration of a rainbow to Note 7-style scanner.

According to the first tracks, one of the changes that will suffer the LG G6 is the abandonment of the modular system LG & Friends, but change came other developments as mentioned iris scanner. According to the South Korean press, LG Inotek, division of materials and components of the company, would be already working in the manufacture of this element.

Iris & scanner camera for selfies, all-in-one

Biometric security has become a common system on smartphones, but the most common is that you implement in the form of fingerprint readers. Although fingerprint identification is very safe, the iris has many more features and is much more difficult to impersonate, which makes it still more secure.

Technology-based iris only reached a few models as Lumia 950 XL Microsoft or the aforementioned Galaxy Note 7, and LG would be interested in betting on this element, same as Samsung would do once again with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, there would be a significant difference between the proposal from Samsung and LG, and is that the brand would have developed a scanner of iris that would be integrated in the same module that the Chamber delantera, not as of the notice 7 that came in a separate module.

LG would use some type of filter to be able to integrate the two systems under the same lens, but the main advantage of this type of construction would be the space. Double module has a volume of 0, 47cc, while module all-in-one would be in 0, 36cc.

At the moment there are many unknowns about the next flagship of LG, but we will learn more details as it approaches its date of presentation. Speaking of date, although there is nothing confirmed is expected that, once again, LG choose the Mobile World Congress trade fair for his official announcement, which this year takes place to end of February.