Nokia Lashing out after Google and Apple Maps

Nokia has after the launch of Apple’s iOS 6, saw the opportunity to highlight their map service across from Google and Apple.

Google was first with the development of a workable map service for smartphones. The product, in the form of Google Maps, has been available on Android devices for several years.

Since then, Nokia has for working with Microsoft on the Windows Phone, also sat down heavily on the market for card services, even with success.

Now Apple is so ready with their map service, developed in partnership with TomTom. The product has been available in conjunction with the launch of iOS 6, and it has so far not caused much positive publicity.

It utilizes Nokia now with a comparison of the three provider’s card services, which unsurprisingly brings Nokia up front with Google.

In the comparison will be Apple’s new service to say the mast to the ground, and stands no chances facing Nokia and Google, who for several years have had time to refine and improve their service.

The great comparison is made by Nokia, you can see below.