Nokia on HTC: There Must Be More Than Colors to Match Lumia 920

Nokia does not provide much of HTC’s presentation of signature-phones together with Microsoft.

At a presentation in New York Wednesday, Microsoft and HTC, launched two new smartphones on the Windows Phone 8 System. There are two signature phone with the names Windows Phone 8 x and 8S by HTC.

The phones are to be marketed by Microsoft. HTC’s share in cooperation is the production of hardware.

But cooperation gives Nokia, who is also a close partner with Microsoft, not much.

In a Tweet writes Chris Weber from Nokia’s sales and marketing: “It takes more than matching color two match the innovation of the Lumia 920”.

His statement be deepened in a comment on The Verge.

-“While others choose tactical to re-brand their products, so Nokia is developing an industry leading smartphone series we call Lumia”.