Non-Removable Battery LG G6 Back Three Generations after The Fireproof LG G2

Mobile manufacturers should be learning that statements end up turning against them in the future. In a rapidly changing marketplace and evolving as the mobile, perceptions can change over time. We still remember Apple talking about large screens when became the first Galaxy Note, and also We remember LG giving cane to Samsung to integrate the battery in their flagships from Galaxy S6.

Citing morphing, the destination is not devoid of a certain irony, and is the latest information on LG G6 coming talks that It Portaria a unibody body and, therefore, would make it impossible to replace the battery away from the service. Something that was already supposed to since it will have protection against dust and water, but that now seems to be confirmed.

Three generations later

We all probably remember LG G2, that phone that seemed to not turn off is never and that landed on the market in 2013 to increase both sales and the reputation of the Korean manufacturer, which had been some time since the first generation of terminals Optimus. 5.2 inch model carried a non-removable battery in the inside of your body polycarbonate unibody, and seemed an exception under the following generations.

LG G3 came a year later with a 3,000 mAh interchangeable, inadequate battery to move the enormous amount of pixels that incorporated its LCD QHD display. A year later, the G4 landed with the same formula, a removable battery and a series of rear covers that included leather among its options. LG G5, despite the failure of its modules system, also It allowed to change the battery with a few simple gestures.

Three mobile phones with removable batteries between the G2 LG and LG G6. Returns the unibody.

Now LG G6 will along the path that once swept the LG G2, and are thus equipped to the latest flagships of Samsung and company. LG G6 that we know in the MWC in Barcelona will have a screen 2:1 aspect ratio, resolution QHD +, with vocal Assistant and also with Alexa and with a metal body and waterproof and dust with a non-removable internal battery.

The final filtered picture of LG G6 leaves no room for doubt, the microSD and the lateral SIM tray is enough resolution. Better or worse solution, the market is pushing users to become accustomed to devices such as external batteries, or using alternative methods such as wireless or fast charge. Removable batteries have increasingly less support, time to take it.