Now Hitting TT Network Odense

On Tuesday will Telenor and Telia customers from Odense, waking up to a vastly improved 3 g network. (updated with signal strength photos).

The trip with the merger of Telenor and Telia’s 3 g network is now come to Odense, and customers can therefore look forward to a network with significantly better coverage when talking or surfing from your phone. It writes our site in a press release.

It all happens the night happens the night of Tuesday, and Odense on Funen Island, which selects the last stage after Tuesday will be wrapped into the enhanced 3 g network.

“Next week’s aggregation in Odense on Fyn marks an important step for our customers. Both because a large proportion of our customers in Odense will experience a significantly enhanced coverage when they’re talking in cell phone or goes online from their smartphone or tablet. But also because, Odense is the last stop on the route on the island of Funen, where we have already established improved coverage.In the space of a few weeks, we have improved 3 g mobile coverage on the island of Funen in a degree, it would normally take 3-5 years to achieve, “says Richard S, network Director of our site.

As always, we must expect that the network in the aggregation period can be unstable.

Signal strength before and after

The pictures here show the improvements in signal strength on 3 g network in Odense after the network changes are made soon.

Once again, it must be said that this image cannot be compared with the normal coverage map as providers have on their website.

Explanation of colors:
Blue color means 3 g indoor coverage
Red means 3 g “in car” coverage (i.e. coverage in car)
Green means 3 g outdoor coverage.