Ocell, an Excellent Twitter Client for Windows Phone 7

The number of applications for manage your Twitter account on mobile phones with Windows Phone 7 It is huge and continues to grow in time despite the radical changes of the API that owners apply from time to time.

However today I have the satisfaction of bringing an application that came to me through a private invitation to the Beta, and has become without doubt genre in preferred in my phone Twitter client.

The application configuration

The first thing that draws attention is that it is very fast and very Metro Modern UI, keeping an absolute coherence with the rest of the operating system. The size of letter and images of avatars is correct, and allows you to configure it.

This is the second thing that draws the attention, the configuration capabilities that are quite spacious. I can not only choose the size of the font, if not also the background pattern. The columns I want to be able to see on the cover of the application, including the lists of my account, to continue reading from the last read position, geo tag my entries or show the RT in the mentions column. Of course using the capabilities of the live tiles and allows me to anchor in the main menu of the phone not only access to the application if not also a shortcut to write a new twit.

Accounts management does not have much more to tell to not include the majority of similar customers, enabling Push notifications for the Live Tile of the application update, and alert messages from Windows Phone in the top of the screen.

Within the configuration option, very WhatsApp, I loved from to silence an account for a specific period of time. So I don’t have to leave follow it or block it, to take a break in a particularly talkative moment on a topic that does not interest me.

Finally, we can use deferred reading Pocket and InstantPaper services, identifying ourselves with our accounts if accumulate us information and want it to review when we have more time.

Using Ocell as primary client

At first sight is an application of Twitter like all, but make up the sum of small details a set of features that I have not found in any other software.

For example, be able to follow conversations in a comfortable way, be able to share a Twitter for any of the services of email that I have as high on my phone (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.), power search for a specific user to access to your file or get in communication with the.

And two things that I had not found ever, that does not mean that they do not exist. The first is that I can filter a column and store these filters. For example, for a user or text containing a specific word in a date range. The second “unique” feature is that I can set as a new column to a specific user or to a filtered column.

Of course all the normal actions as write, answer, and without comment, retwitear block, mute or delete are implemented. But there is improvements in user experience that makes it even more attractive as that opening a twit we envision a carousel of vicissitudes of all users that have retwiteado the entrance – being able to access their profiles – and that below we can see the attached picture.

Direct access to the developer, added value

One of the negative effects of having so many applications doing the same thing, in an early adopter as the writer of these lines, is that I have gone from one to the other continuously without finding one that covered all my needs. In addition to being completely alien to the process of development and evolution of products which, as in the case of TweetDeck, has led to a dead end (or almost).

In this case I can say as proud, editor of XatakaWindows, which the author of Ocell is partner of this medium, Guillermo Julian. Giving a clear measure of the level of the people who write in this blog and the trust that our readers may have the knowledge of those who write the articles.

On the other hand have direct access to the developer and promoter of this application, as well as all those who are using it, allows you to make specific requests or comment on errors and incidents that are quickly resolved.

Finally, it should be noted that the application It is not only free of charge, if that is not open source following a license ASL. And, put in contact with the author, you can access the account GitHub where is the complete code.

In summary, a very good Twitter client that it has become my personal preferred in Windows Phone 7 application.