On 26 February Will Know The LG G6, The Date of Presentation Already Is Official

The Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be reaping all the headlines this year starter but LG also has a large terminal in the oven, prepared to try to punch on the table and get rid of bad sales the past year G5. We speak of course of the LG G6, a smartphone that we already knew some things and now has date officer presentation.

We have been talking about that it would advance to the Galaxy S8 to win this time, and we arrived in the month of April, next to the terminal of the Koreans, but it seems that LG G6 comes direct to Barcelona. We knew that it would put on sale on March 10 and that gave us a clue about his presentation at the Mobile World Congress. The date is now final: February 26.

On 26 February we have appointment with a mobile 18:9

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting news that surround to the by now unknown LG G6, the presence of a 5.7-inch display with a 18:9 aspect ratio. Or what is the same, twice as high than width, an aspect ratio that had not seen up to now in mobile and that seems to be the strongest bet for LG for this season.

The screen of LG G6 will enjoy from a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, a new mode called QHD + or QHD Plus. Increasing the height of the screen will allow this growth diagonally without having the width of the device is affected, and facilitate its ergonomics. We will have to hold the LG G6 in the hand, but all indications are that he could be more comfortable 5.7-inch model made so far. In the absence of view frames, of course.

LG G6 has firm commissioned to make us forget the module system that tried to introduce the LG G5 but which have been finally deleted from the roadmap of the manufacturer. Can add you to that that it will have protection against dust and water, thanks again to the withdrawal of the module system, and your screen will feature another overtime, an extra chute of brightness for when we are abroad in the purest style of the AMOLED technology.

He is expected that LG mounted a scanner of iris style which already exhibited the now defunct Note 7, although in this case it would be integrated into the module’s front camera to save space. You could also integrate the brand, LG Pay, payment system and a compatible wireless charging battery. One of the improvements we ask for this year and that we fervently wish that become a standard.

We are therefore waiting that get cited on February 26. Be in Barcelona, at 12:00 in the morning Spanish time, when we can meet more firm commitment of LG this year 2017. At least until you get LG V30 in the last stretch of the year, of course, although the V line still does not has become a full-fledged international line.