Our Site Put Pressure on Apple about 4 g/LTE

Several of Europe’s major telecommunications companies go along and pushing Apple to come up with an iPhone 5 that can be used on 4 g/LTE network.

Several of the major telecommunications companies in Europe are now together and put pressure on Apple to get them to come up with an iPhone 5-model that works on several of the new 4 g/LTE network. It is not only Danish TDC, which does not support the frequency iPhone 5 have.

Our site’s ceo, Carsten Dilling, calls the iPhone 5 for “very disappointing”, since the Thursday morning was clear that it cannot be used on TDC’s 4 g network, as well as a number of other major European telecommunications companies ‘ networks. It writes our site.

-“Apple are making a huge gaffe when they do not support one of the most innovative markets, namely the Danish. It is more sorry for Apple than for our site, for we should probably ensure our site’s customers a proper experience because we have a strong 3 g network, covering both good and wide. But it is a little shocking that Apple launches on the way. Apple loses credibility in a market that is extremely important. The Danish market is may not be big, but it is in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries that the new technology really used deep and wide, “says Carsten Dilling to Berlingske Business.

The problem with the 4 g iPhone 5 is a replay of Apple’s launch of the new iPad earlier this year.

The European telecommunications companies such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and TDC hope Apple listens and possibly come with an update or a version of the iPhone that can run on their networks. Our site’s ceo hopes that Apple is sensitive to the criticism.