Our Site Turbocharges 3 G in Small Towns

Now surfing with 32 Mbit/s is no longer reserved to Our site customers in large cities. Now also get smaller towns higher speeds.

While iPhone 5 customers of jealous that I care about the fact that they don’t get 4 g LTE before January 2013 so that our site’s customers can rejoice that the telecommunications company is currently expanding their DC-HSDPA coverage on the company’s 3 g network.

So far, the phone company been one to offer (almost) nationwide DC-HSDPA coverage, but now they might soon get competition from our site.

Around the summer vacation ended our site upgrade of the country’s largest cities, which got faster download speeds. Now is the turn come to the slightly smaller cities, with the upgrade to DC-HSDPA can get download speeds of up to 32 Mbit/s.

-“Our customers’ use of mobile data on smartphones and tablets are rising sharply. The capacity of our network must of course keep up with, so we can deliver great customer experiences on the many mobile devices, and increased capacity is precisely what we achieve by rolling the dual carrier technology out. As a side benefit, customers get higher data rates of up to 32 mbit per second, if their mobile device is dual carrier-ready, “shows our site CTO Arne Bøch Andersen.

More expansion on the way

It is Our site’s plan to expand the DC-HSPA + coverage on an ongoing basis in small stages, and the company expects within a few months, to cover a wide range of small towns with high data rates.

Our site will yet not put names on which smaller cities that get improved data speeds, but already now our site customers in, among other things, in Svenstrup, Hjallerup, Hobro, Skagen, Brændstrup, Skanderborg, vildbjerg, Ikast, Billund, Sunds, Aars, Nibe, Rudkøbing, parts of Samsø, around Nordborg, Præstø and frederikssund benefit from the faster 3 g speeds.
Development of our site’s network can be followed on the telecommunications company’s coverage map, where DC-HSDPA coverage is marked with red color.