Overview: New on the Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia Lumia 920 november III and Apple Deselects Samsung

The past week has featured a number of exciting news from the mobile industry that does not deal with the iPhone, get an overview here.

The first half of the month of September is not gone quietly by themselves with product launches from Nokia, Motorola and Apple, as well as events in store in the coming week from HTC and LG.

Here we have gathered the week’s most read stories that do not deal with the new iPhone 5.

Nokia had a number of interesting things on the program during their presentation of among other things Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 Lumia. Both devices can, for example, is charging wirelessly and via a collaboration with Fatboy, so it can be done on a mini-Fatboy.

Reuters learns that Lumia 920 comes on the market in the month of november.

iPhone 5 is now officially presented by Apple, and the Danes get it on the market already in the end of the month – exactly is it ready for sale on 28 May. September.

This week there has also been some news for all Samsung owners. It has been announced by Samsung that Galaxy S III-owners within get Jelly Bean for november. The update is also announced for, to get to the Galaxy S II no later than that.

Do you have a Galaxy S III, which beats the cracks is that also help to download.