Overview: These Mobiles Are Coming up for Sale in July, Mobile Grants Be Reinstated and the iPhone Turns Five

This week has not featured large presentations, but there are nevertheless a number of exciting things happened – see what’s here.

In the previous week filled iPhone five years and editor-in-Chief of our site John G. P then back on a comment-article “Comment: iPhone, relax! It’s just a mobile!”, as he wrote back in January 2007. It was there even an article out of, which actually ended up being this week’s most read.

You have this week also could get an overview over which mobile phones that come up for sale in the stores this month.

And phone company 3 selected mobile subsidy must be reinstated, which means you can acquire you top models cheaper than in the past, for example, you can buy an iPhone for 199 dollars. The telecommunications company has made it since they no longer believe in hire purchase schemes.

Apple’s App Store is in the past week been hit by a malware application is now removed from the App Store. You can read more about this here.