Overview: When Will Nokia Lumia 920 for Sale and Review of Windows Phone 8 X by HTC

The past week has been about Google Android event and the presentation of the final Windows Phone 8.

Both Google and Microsoft had summoned the press to major events in New York and San Francisco, respectively, on Monday. Due to Hurricane Sandy had to Google however, cancel their Android event.

But it did not mean Google didn’t come with the news anyway, these were instead simply sent out via press release. But Google is ready with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Nexus 4 by LG, Nexus 7 in a 32 GB version + with 3 g and a Nexus 10 – all of which pretty much as leaked before publication.

Microsoft’s event took place, however, as planned, on the U.S. West Coast. Here was Windows Phone 8 operating system presented in its final version.

Our site participated in a smaller event Microsoft held in Copenhagen, but here there were more questions than answers from the attendees representatives from Microsoft, Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

However, there came a few indicative prices from manufacturers on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 phones. You can also read the test of the first Windows Phone 8-device for Windows Phone 8 x by HTC.

The flagship Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia 920, there is still no official launch date on.

This week we are also entered in the month of November, which means that we have the list ready for what mobiles are coming up for sale in November.