How to Create Programs for Android

Android phones are becoming more and more popular. With new versions of Android still requiring less of the hardware, more cheap phones are being released with this operating system. With a larger base of users, more programs are searched and the number of program users also increases. Thinking about this market, maybe you might want to create some • Read More »

Angry Birds Birdday Party Now on Android!

It’s hard to believe how fast time passes in the area of ​​technology. Two behind the last month of December a small company called Rovie released the initial version of Angry Birds for the iPhone. In the years and months that followed, we saw new additions to the Angry Bird family. There were new levels regularly released to the • Read More »

Feeding During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding women are questioning the type of diet they should follow. What should be feeding during breastfeeding . The important thing is not the quantity but the quality of what you eat. Many proteins, calcium and vitamins should be part of your diet.

Tips for Not Getting Fat in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very beautiful and special time for most couples, especially for women who have the gift of conceiving a new human being within them. Ultrasound, hearing the baby’s heart, kicking and increasing belly. This particular moment should be lived with all the care, but attention most pregnant women gain too much weight during pregnancy, • Read More »

Gift List for Baby Shower

Baby shower is a very popular party in countries like Brazil or the United States, but it also starts to be a fashion in some European countries. Baby shower is a celebration that takes place before birth, and usually only open to women, where the guests will give gifts for the child to be born, • Read More »

Third Trimester Pregnancy Exams

From the moment a woman knows that she carries a child inside her, she should seek medical attention, and be always attentive to all signs, so that the baby develops as well as possible. Prenatal tests are essential to ensure the correct development of the baby, but also to diagnose an anomaly, so that it • Read More »

Baby’s First Days at Home

After the baby is born and spend the first few days in the maternity controlled environment, it is time for the new family member to finally get to know your home. These early days are often accompanied by some fear from parents, especially first-time parents. In this article you will be able to know some • Read More »

What is the Kangaroo Mother Method?

Also known as Kangaroo Mother Care, the Kangaroo Mother Method is an alternative to conventional neonatal care for premature or underweight babies. Named a Kangaroo Mother for the way mothers carry their baby, much the same as the kangaroos carry their babies in the early days, this method came as a response to less appropriate • Read More »

Exams that the Temptations Should Do

Having a child is the dream of the vast majority of women, especially married women who can not wait to raise their families. There is no way to know when a pregnancy will happen, because some women can get pregnant quickly, while others may take years to get pregnant, it depends on each one.

Beauty in Pregnancy: What You Can not Do

Staying beautiful during pregnancy is critical to the high esteem and well-being of the expectant mother, however, this can be complicated considering that many beauty care becomes forbidden during pregnancy. Before you go out abolishing your beauty rituals you need to stay within what you can during pregnancy.

How Do I Change the Mobile Phone’s Letter?

There are a few ways to change the font style in Android, but the method used will depend on the brand of the smartphone or tablet you own. If you have a Samsung or LG device, many models of these brands comes with a selection of fonts and an option in Settings to change the font • Read More »

How Do I Disable Apps on My Smartphone?

Android phones usually contain applications that you can not uninstall. All vendors practically put their own apps on your phone before they even get to you, and carriers do the same with their own bloatware package. Occasionally, these applications serve a useful purpose, but often they are useless to you. Unfortunately, even if you do not use • Read More »

How to Choose a Toy Depending on the Phase in Which the Baby Is?

Blogmodabebe today I speak of a focus group of mothers that I attended recently to learn about baby toys Lamaze, Tomy brand. There they explained the approach of the doctors of Lamaze international which include three key stages in the development of the child during its first 18 months of life. If you are still • Read More »

Mega Rates 6 to 10 of Oceans Will Disappear from Its Offer of Time

Not more than two days have passed since we speak of as Ocean’s He had decided to break the bond market of data, with a really interesting offer which offered 4 Gb for ten euros per month, but seen and unseen, the same evening the two newly released Mega 6 and Mega 10 rates disappeared.

Prices IPhone 5 with Mobilr

Movistar, Vodafone and Orange soon nothing to announce their offers to acquire Apple’s latest device. Weeks later, Telstra finished removing the margarita, also announcing the arrival of various models of iPhone to your catalog.

Vodafone Congratulates Pepephone by Their Fifth Birthday, The Image of The Week

It is common to see how large technology companies congratulate the milestones of some of its competitors using colorful cakes and pastries (famous is the “case already in web browsers”:, for example), but so far have not seen use many what telephone operators are concerned. On these lines you can see an exception.