New Year’s Eve Accessories

How about investing in accessories to create the perfect look for the turn of the new year? With necklaces, bracelets and even tiaras, accessories have the power to stop any more beautiful and elegant Maxi necklaces, pedrarias, bracelets … Often are the accessories that give a touch more on our look and not the dress itself. Bet • Read More »

Where to Find Contact Lenses Deals on the Internet?

Some people are fans of unconditional promotions, others are always looking for the best price to save some money. Now it is possible to find contact lens deals on the Internet.And the prices are even much more in account.

Rhinestone Belt: Templates, Tips and How to Use

Strass is already an old acquaintance of Brazilian fashion. Its intense brightness, charm and glamour touch make the stone be accessory in costume jewelry and clothing. A good option for those who are still entering the trend is the belt of rhinestones, modern and elegant to be used in various compositions.

Lensbest Everyone Has a Glasses Face!

Which glasses suit my type? Cobra, overachiever, couch potato? Long gone are the days when you took the glasses only in case of emergency from the Pocket! There’s hardly an accessory that underlines the style and personality of its wearer or his carrier in a better way than a pair of glasses! For this reason, it is today much • Read More »

Kitkat Phones from 90 Euro

A new Android Smartphone to be it, but please with the new OS version! We show over 50 mobile phones with Android 4.4 coming therefore KitKat, be made to fit, or partly already are it – price blast included.

What I Have on Me – Benedikt Fries

The next inspiring personality in the series”What I have on me” is Benedikt Fries. Benedict was born in Berlin but now living in Florence and you probably recognize him as one of the two well-dressed men from tie-and accessoarföretaget Shibumi-Berlin.

Earrings for Wedding – See the Templates that Are Trend

Wedding is an unforgettable moment for the bride and groom and for friends who are part of that love story, immortalized in a ceremony. And we know that the bridesmaids are important, especially for the bride, who usually have to your friends and family side which has great emotional value in your life.

Yerka, the Bicycle Impossible to Steal

Three Chileans say they have solved a problem that is too frequent and haunts cyclists’ dreams. They created YERKA, a bicycle they say is impossible to steal.

Accessories that Will Pump in Winter

Hello Readers, That jeans is that piece that matches everything, everyone already knows.Versatile, practical and comfortable she is the darling of most women, and this is an undisputed fact, after all, she always makes it possible to create beautiful and super modern visuals.

Via Uno Winter Collection

Collection Via Uno Fall/Winter 2013 Via Uno is one of the leading footwear brands national, also with the manufacture of accessories such as handbags, wallets and belts. Every new season is planned a collection inspired in the main current fashion trends, always seeking to meet the needs of a varied audience.

7 Tips to Have Perfect Eyelashes

amazing eyelashes – tips and tricks What do you value most in time for a makeup? Many women do not leave home without passing lipstick, other base, or even a shadow, but who does not like to display a powerful look? Pois é, the mascara is also one of the preferred makes lovers.

Best Bra for Small Breasts

The Bras For Small Breasts Can Value The Woman With This Characteristic And Make Her Even More Beautiful.

Sleep in the Nude or in Your Pajamas?

Did you know that it would be best to sleep naked? According to an article about, if you want to maximize the benefits of sleep, better put your pajamas.

Tips to Choose the Accessories of the Dress

What I’m going to provide here is very important so that you can have a beautiful image, by which talk about tricks to choose the dress accessories where we have to tell you that these aggregates are the capstone to all your outfit such as a finishing touch to give you a different look that plays an • Read More »

Sandals for Summer

Tendency To Sandals-Summer 2013 The cold is recently giving the first signs, but fashion is already keeping an eye on the hottest station of the year, the summer. Started the season of weeks sets is not spoken in anything other than the trends to 2013. In addition to clothes and accessories, you already know what shoes bet? Keep • Read More »

Christmas Accessories to Wear

In view of Christmas 2014 all the collections are filled with accessories fashion inspired by the festivities, the colors that distinguish them according to tradition and themed shapes. As you can imagine, even the accessories lines excel see the red, as well as gold, silver, emerald green and glitter, adapted from time to time to jewelry, the hair items, to • Read More »

KitchenAid and Nespresso in Sweet Leaf Home

You know we love and are addicted to fresh news, neh? Painted news, here we come! But the hotter (and rewarding!) is hearing from our readers how much Luxury hunch helps and facilitates the life of each one, since this is a place where we share tips for all tastes, styles and budgets. This is • Read More »

Models of Double Beds: Photos, Tips, Ideas

Navigation Models of bed boxes Almost 70% of the responsibility for a good night’s sleep comes from the bed. Looks pretty? Try sleeping on a bad mattress or a bed with squeaks with every movement. So the purchase must be rethought and sometimes invest a little more is ideal. You can pay more now, but the quality of sleep, have a • Read More »

How to Wear High Heels During Pregnancy

Woman is woman does not lose vanity even during pregnancy. As much as the gestation period requires certain precautions, some things are essential such as the high-heeledshoe. But is that bad for the kids or not?!