Check out Tips to Avoid the Weight of School Backpacks

Expert says weight should be 10% to 12% of child’s body mass It is not easy to put together a student’s backpack: books, notebook, snacks, clothes. Only the basic items that students bring to school may already be of considerable importance to students, which can be harmful to children’s health. In order not to cause • Read More »

How to Make White Decorated Room

My room is white, when I came home, my sister had painted the room in lilac and now I’m in the room I didn’t want to change. But I confess that I prefer white decorated room, like decorating with all white, so If you like this style more clean too, I’m going to show you here how • Read More »

Fake Nails Decorated

There are many seasons that the nails have done quite successfully. However, the big bet of the nail designers are the nails that come already decorated. Hit of the moment, they are A great alternative for those who don’t have much time or patience – spending hours in the lounge or even for those little savvy to • Read More »

Urban Run – Send for the City by Gore Running Wear

URBAN RUN presents a completely new, lifestyle collection, the spring/summer 2014 also run enthusiastic trendsetters in the urban jungle will incite stir GORE RUNNING WEAR . Because URBAN RUN that is tailor-made fashion statement for all that style even with the training in the city on a cool want to dispense with individual character. Optimum • Read More »

Soon It Is Again: O´ Taps Is!

On September 22, BB´s we go: invites the largest folk festival in the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich until 7 October to celebrate and German drinking songs.

5 Swiss Manufactories First Hand Experience – Reader ‘S Journey Chronos

Visit To Omega, TAG Heuer, Zenith And Two Other Brands The first reader’s journey of the Chronos led 15 watch fans in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel this week. There they visited the watch brands TAG Heuer, Montblanc, Zenith, Girard-Perregaux and Omega under the direction of the Chronos chief editor, Rüdiger Bucher. Each manufactory gave the readers exclusive insights into the development and production of their • Read More »

Ideal Lingerie – What Is Their Favorite

Discover What Lingerie Are The Men’s Favorites Every woman knows that to conquer a man or spice things up with the husband/boyfriend, just put on the most beautiful lingerie that you have at home, because the success is guaranteed. Besides leaving the body more beautiful and sexy, underwear also instigate your imagination and awaken the pleasure • Read More »

Bet on Pom – Pom Earrings

OII okay everybody? Haha, people today I came very inspired by a wonderful thing I found rummaging through the internet, Pom-pom earrings! Ever seen one? heard about them? These earrings are cute and exotic things and gay that I’ve found, getting into this vibe of exotic earrings-soon full post-brought to you those cuties, I hope you love • Read More »

Nokia 3310 (Mobile)

The anti-mobile Conclusion In the test, the new Nokia 3310 rather than cult mobile turns even if it so wished for by Nokia. This retro disaster has only one significant strength: the phone runs four weeks with a battery life… If you don’t use it. Talk time, sound quality, display, camera, handling flunk the test. • Read More »

Color Trend from Formex with Colors that Make Us Safe

The weekend ended Formex -a large interior exhibition in Stockholm.These masses trends singles down to the many people in the next 3-5 years, meaning the they located a number of years before it strikes through on the right.

Leather Short Jackets

As winter approaches, people begin to take off their coats, cloaks and jackets from the wardrobe, sometimes even to the old ones, but which are not used until they look new. If we observe, fashion brought us the short leather jacket as a key piece in the wardrobe, due to this fad is that in the market • Read More »

Most Popular Fashion Accessories

Shoes, glasses, necklaces … Some accessories were so important in the life of a few celebrities who have won your ultimate playground in the fashion world. Find out which accessories can not miss in your look!

How to Choose Games and Toys for Children ?

Before, as parents, when we were going to buy a toy we had a dilemma, we did not know what to buy because it has so many and besides we do not know with what criterion to buy one.

Stay on Top of Current Fashion Trends

With men increasingly interested in maintaining the elegance, style and good looks, the men’s fashion has developed with great strides. Nowadays, men of all ages and all styles are always attuned to trends. For this year, sets both will bring news as repeated some figures of the previous year. Want to know exactly what are we talking about? Because • Read More »

Classic Style: Fashion Tips from the Noble Schneider

He was the epitome of a dandy: Sir Hardy Amies hunted down Nazis in the second world war, later he clothed the Queen. The taste of London’s best tailor was simple – he loved the best. ABC of the style of the man to be here. In the series “Style classic” mirror presents ON LINE resources from • Read More »

Shower LED Spots

Small bathrooms and bathrooms without windows that need to be informed in several places, including the shower. For lighting in a piece of water without any danger, how well install its spots at the top of a shower? In the bathroom, it is quite possible toin stall lighting at the top of the shower. We usually meet this • Read More »

Summer Clothing Female

Fashion Summer 2013-Trends In Clothes Spring has arrived and with it, we are increasingly close to the official start of summer 2013. So, as we women can’t wait for the heat to renew the wardrobe, anticipating everything will be high, so any time we can find a piece or two that will be a hit.

Accessories for Use on Prom

Tips For Use In Your Graduation Graduation is a very special occasion, so most of the girls who are about to go through that worry, especially with the look that will use on your graduation, on your receipt or even at the ball. In addition to the dress, the choice of accessories is also essential to • Read More »