Parrot Presents New Toys for Smartphone-the People

Are you looking for outright toys for your smartphone, so you will no doubt be interested in the new from Parrot.

To start with was the flying drones that could be controlled by using a smartphone, nothing but pure and simple toys. It is no longer the case, since several logistics Giants are testing them for transportation.

The company Parrot which also is the creator behind the popular AR. Drone, is now back at CES with entertainment for both land and air. It writes our site.

Mini drone
Their new Mini drone, is as its name suggests, a little smart drone that can add in your Palm. It is not something new in there as such, but Parrot has used oceans that time on, to get the little flies to be stable, even on their own.

Where AR. The drone had a blanket as protection, has Mini drone instead 2 large wheels. They also contribute to additional functionality. You can use them as real wheels, so the Mini drone can run on the floor or under the ceiling.

Mini drone flies using an accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor, gyroscope, and downward facing camera. In contrast to the AR. Drone, there is no useful camera on board, and no video output. On the communication side uses the Mini drone Bluetooth 4.0, and the company says that it has a maximum range of nearly 50 meters outdoors.

The battery delivers fun and games for 6-7 minutes, so there is therefore no question of any full-day spectacle.

Jumping Sumo
The other toy is in no way a drone. It can at least keep themselves flying very long at a time. Here are the details in the case of an electric wheelchair at floor level. The wheels are controlled individually, and therefore it can turn on a dime. You can also follow the view from the built-in QVGA camera. It looks completely convincing.

There is also a reason why it’s called “Jumping Sumo” for in the app that controls the device, there is a button that can get the animal to jump well 90 cm up in the air. Jumping Sumo using an accelerometer and gyroscope and it is said that the rapid Sumo-car has the same range as the Mini drone, but about 20 minutes of battery life.

There is still fine-tuning of its apps, before both are ready for sale, but the Parrot says it will happen once in the course of the year. The price is also not announced.