Pixable Comes to Android by a Spanish Developer

Xataka Android applications are our daily bread. We talk about them, we review them, we prepare special… However today we speak of one of them, but with a different approach and is there a different story behind it. We speak of Pixable, Finally arriving in Android, in the hands of a Spanish.

For those who do not know Pixable is an original application for iOS. With it we can view all photos our social networks in one place: Facebook. Twitter, Instagram… a very useful solution for all our photos without having to jump from an app to another.

This service has now made the jump to Android in a rather curious. Juan Carlos Viota, the Global Android Developer Challenge 2009 winner, asked private Pixable API access to a version on Google’s operating system. Three weeks later, it was made.

Without doubt a great work by Viota and is to make an app in just three weeks, It is worthy of mention. Done, Pixable decided to sign him and soon will disembark in New York City where the company has its offices.

A beautiful story that shows far that you can reach it with an application. That Yes, nor mistake and it is Juan Carlos Viota is not exactly a newbie in development, has won one of the most prestigious awards of the Android scene, and although everything is achieved with effort and tenacity must be acknowledged merits.

The application is available in Google Play, Although it is still in beta is fully functional so you can give it a try if you are curious. From this space, take this opportunity to give my most sincere congratulations to my namesake for their work and their achievements.

Pixableversion 1.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Pixable
  • Download it in: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photos