Plastic Sandals Who Conquered Women

Who has more than 20 years saw the explosion of Melissa sandals in the market. At the end of the ‘ 90, they were a fever because they were different from what was until then. Cost little less than R $20 worth nowadays, let the walk to shows, even though footwear, and the girls buy goofy socks just to show a different look, using the sandal as a tennis.

This is the most traditional and Melissa that fell into disuse for some time, but anyway, use plastic sandals turned into fashion because of this brand.

What is A Melissa?

It is common to confuse the shoe with the brand. Melissa is not a type of sandal defined by historyaah, but a brazilian brand which is already on the market for some time. Emerged in the mid-‘ 90 with a simple proposal: provide the market a cheap item, innovative and who was young and different. We can say that the brand has managed to achieve all these goals. Its traditional model turned fever for more than two years and when fell into disuse missed in many girls and women.

The national brand won your space in the market gradually. Started with just one product, only one color (transparent), and gradually released diversified models and increasing the quality. With that, get where he is today, at the level of success that turned fever worldwide.

The pinnacle of Melissa arrived in 2010, when the brand has invested heavily in items with good quality and innovative design, but without abandoning the plastic that it is precisely the differential in your market, a fact that made her turn fever and make even more successful. The items have different models and that’s why the brand is considered an alternative, falling more and more in the taste of those seeking differentiated products to wear.

The biggest differential was your investment in branded stores. In the years 90 could buy brand sandals in multi-brand shoe stores, but today we have the product sold only in stores Melissa throughout the Brazil. The products have a so nice and modern design that makes you want to go in just to check it out, but it’s almost impossible to get without taking anything, since they are so striking and interesting products.

Today, the brand gained international sale and airs in over ten countries. In Europe it is a fever of sales, making Brazil a good script for fashion in shoes and a reference in creativity in the industry. Point for us!

Why Melissa Does so successful?

The secret of Melissa is a simple combination of style and simplicity. Everyone wears shoes, but knows that to care for this product it is necessary to constantly wash and dry, sometimes for days, because dirty enough and with ease. With an all-plastic sandals, just pass a doily and she is clean, not to mention the comfort and practicality of carrying in the bag make the item be sales fever that is nowadays.

Another point that made this brand to become one of the darlings of the market was the Union with your great template designers. Some of the accessories designers who sign collections are Viviane Westewood, Jason Wu, the Brazilian Ronaldo Fraga and Alexandre Herchcovitch, names in the world of fashion.

Melissa Sandals models

Melissa Spider – The more traditional model of the brand is called Melissa, that everybody knows: the cops on the front, staying at the instep and intertwine as a grid. Remembered? This model was what could epitomize the brand and sold to this day. How changed your design, added colors and vastly improved plastic and fivelinha which attaches to the shoe on the foot, the product costs a bit more expensive, on average R $90 in all Brazil.

Melissa Shoes – And who said there can be no plastic shoes? We’re talking about the collection Confessions, formed only by plastic shoes, beautiful and very practical, with strings to tie. The innovated model and other countries also came out in the collection Melissa for men, which made success both in comments on the Internet as to sales.

Melissa Shoes – The shoes are trendy and of course the brand would launch their models on the market, which have been doing quite successfully. There are items for use in everyday life and models for parties too, as the Melissa Ultragirl, which has a bright designs in colors like black, Brown and red, making the shoes much more than fashion.

Melissa Sandals- Any brand of women’s shoes that prese leaves no launched flats sandals, so usual practices and always come out in the summer and even in winter if the weather permits.

Melissa brand has more than ten different models of creeping in various colors as Sandals black, the most basic, but there are also yellow, white, pink, blue, green, among others. What’s great is that even though the plastic polishing as smooth material causes and leaves the product shine much more luxurious than it actually is, and why the brand sells both. Is a practical model, as well as serves for use in everyday life and in sporadic outings in malls and various environments.

Other known models manufactured by the brand are the Ankle Boots and the Anabelas, always with your modern way of being and with strong colors, which is another differentiator.

Melissa Online Store

One of the ways to buy the product is going in the brand’s own stores, which are present in several Brazilian cities. However, if you want to choose with great calm and have the products coming home, a good choice might be asking the Melissas reach where you live, what is possible through the virtual store Melissa, released in the year 2010. It can be accessed via the following address:

The virtual store of Melissa delivery the products throughout Brazil and there is no problem, since there is the options Bank discount and credit card, and the latter allows the installment in more than three times without interest.

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