Presentation of the New Nexus of LG and Huawei Scheduled for 29 September

We update the article with more information, obviously not yet confirmed, the assumed name that can have the Nexus of LG. According to the latest speculations should be called LG Nexus 5 x and have a starting price of $ 399 for the 16 GB version and $ 449 for the 32 GB. Clearly it is not excluding the possibility that even a Variant to 64 gigs of memory may be made, however, at least so far, there has been a lot more of these first two cuts.

Obviously Google has refused to comment on the news, but, as every year, the launch of the new Nexus range does not pass certain for CS3 or conferences.

As reported by CNET, the two Nexus which this year have seen involved LG and Huawei will be unveiled officially next 29 September, given that moreover that would be consistent with the previous rumor on marketing since Google Store just for that day.

Whereas the Nexus 6 was released on 15 October of exactly one year ago, the timing for the launch of the new Nexus range 2015 are very much in line with the traditional ones of Google, it only remains, therefore, that wait a few more weeks to find out all the details.