Project Chameleon, a Promising Interface for Tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich

One of the strengths of Android is the ability to customize of all its elements. From the launcher elements such as the layers of software, the possibilities are endless. Many items to choose from that it has served to developers and users to give free rein to your imagination.

The number of customizations that exist, is one of the most interesting and recent projects Project Chameleon, an interface, that could well qualify as launcher, for tablets that seek to bring a completely different experience to what we have seen up to date it in this kind of devices.

Chameleon project seeks to change the concept that we have right now of Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb to bring us into a different interface type. Many Visual elements that allows us to have at hand all kinds of content: movies, news, updates, social networking…

Difficult to define in a few words but consider this as a vitamin version (and minerlalizada) of desktop widgets. As we can see in the pictures that gives us Teknision, company responsible for this project, aspecualmente looks good.

At the moment we are talking about a project which pretty Green is Since there’s no video or no versions in development with which we can experience. Its creators either leave very clear what it is: if it is a launcher, a more profound modification or a ROM that works based on Ice Cream Sandwich. Be sensed is the first although not very clear on the web.

On the other hand I feel high of scepticism towards this project because what they show usability is not appreciated. Okay, it’s very nice. Also other many launchers are very nice but when it comes to using them are not so great as we want to sell the promotion images and YouTube videos. Still wish you the best and hope that talk about them again soon and with new updates.