RENFE and The NFC, Starting The Journey of The Secure Payment by Mobile

Since Google He presented the Nexus S, with integration of the NFC chip, their claims were clear, with the idea of using this technology to future as system for information registration and secure payment transactions. Two weeks ago announced its secure payment system society Google Wallet that would employ the NFC for Nexus S as the first witness to its expansion plans in the world of secure electronic payments.

It was sufficient that one of the great support and will faithfully use this technology so that little by little they begin to target companies. Surely that news has not caught by surprise to RENFE and Vodafone, that already would take time to develop its own identification system using a mobile phone with NFC, but we can not set aside as events are added. In principle, this pilot experience of Renfe and Vodafone is only available to employees of the of vicinity of Renfe of the community of Madrid, with the aim that comes to be used between users in near future.

The objective, as they have pointed to Renfe and Vodafone in the press release, would not only be is to facilitate the use of this mobile technology in the network of nearby facilities, if that would not be implemented in remote areas. We could imagine that future, the idea would be to make the relevant monthly passes in electronic lockers ready for this task, not necessarily in the vicinity of the station.

On the other hand, it is not that Google has given the starting gun, since the use of the NFC is already widespread in some Asian countries, but if it is a starting point and confidence for many companies skeptical or unfamiliar this solution, that also in our country will have this new reference as a sign of operation.

Although it has not been confirmed which phones will be used, the important fact is that of becoming a success, both with Renfe as with other proposal of other Spanish companies, we could over the next year as this type of solution is implanted in more citizen services and that sure Google that will give much to talk about as soon decide to bug the pond and start to spread it through Europe.

We must remember that it is not only a system for secure payment, if not that also can be used in many other areas such as which it could register during the MWC 2011 as system access and control of the functions of your car. The possibilities can be endless, you need only to developers and companies bet on NFC technology and surprise us with new uses.

UPDATE: The comments received on the subject, here and on Google +, there seem to be more cities that are quietly implementing its own pilot phase on the employment of the NFC as a system of registration of access to any service. As already proclaimed Google in the past Google I/O 20111, NFC technology is going to get the order of the day during the upcoming 2012. Fantastic news that this technology is well implemented.