Renner 2017 Autumn Winter Preview

Still it’s hot outside (and hot!) but the Renner is ready for the fall/winter 2017. And the good news is that many pieces are even to use now-has fresh pieces and you don’t have to wait. This time the #PreviewRenner evil is over and many of the pieces on the runway were already in e-commerce. The next day the news also arrived in physical stores, so, today (08/02) as I write this post I wish parts may no longer be just will and go straight to your wardrobe.

This shows that the fast fashion still in tune and the model see-now by now was put into practice. In times of lightning trends seems essential to meet the wishes as soon as possible, before a new trend arising by creating new wills and leaving exceeded that amazing piece from last week.

Without going into the merits of this frantic fashion schedule is undeniable that Renner presented another amazing collection. And between fleeting trends you can acquire various classics for your wardrobe that will last more than one season.

I confess even though my eyes shone with the dresses, skirts and blouses in lace and tulle black. If the transparency is the sensation of the moment I’d enjoy the opportunity to secure one of those pieces that are classic for me.

And the high point was the styling of the parade. For that reason unable to do amazing photos I thought was worth the record to share with you these details. This contrast between the lightness of the income and the heavier boots is simply foolproof right? Then gives me some of my favorites:

While riding on the post I used to check if the pieces were even available online and I’ve met several of them. Has anyone ever been in stores and saw the new collection of close?

Upstairs two looks you loved in a color chart that is autumn. The velvet of course appears as one of the Favorites of the moment and the slip dress has an absolutely beautiful color. In menswear collection I love the overlays: shirt + cardigan with hood (?) + coat.

Below my favorite! Unsurprisingly I’m at a stage rosé, but the delicacy of this parka with floral pleated skirt and sweater with the discreet metallic seemed the perfect combination. The sneakers pink and half of lurex are the finishing touch and I’ve caught myself wishing half, such a small thing but so charming. I don’t know how to work the look in real life – more precisely on me – but the model seemed to be so confident the at ease in this production that convinced me. There the grace of a parade that no rack can offer!

The embroidered details still appear between the parts, mainly in parkas and jeans. In fact the jeans remains strong, but with a more untethered modeling, boyfriend, well oversized and that goes for his pants and jackets (all there pictured below!).

And the fishnet stockings are already seen among the fashionistas also appeared in Renner, of course. The bet in General remains the same, being used primarily with the jeans destroyed. I particularly prefer the short version of which also appeared in the parade used to boot or a shoe more softly.

I think it really is the moments of SOCKS! They appear in all the looks, in certain discrete moments, in others with very bright (the lurex I mentioned up there) and even sandals.

Upstairs two looks that also deserve mention: wonderful huh? That skirt the first look is interesting and I was curious to see the details, I think it is possible to increase or decrease the side slits. With Ruffles and lace shirt seems the ideal counterpoint.

Already the Green look delighted me by color, that tone more closed is super chic and want to try some mixtures using this Green in my looks. With a leopard print or a burgundy should be incredible! I liked the shirt and skirt.

Last but not least: keep an eye on the menswear collection. Although I was focused on women’s clothing I caught her wishing several pieces on the runway for the men. This velvet with embroidered details recess calling him Jacques strap combines perfectly with me. Beautiful huh?

Amid so many looks back and forth on the runways these are my highlights of Preview Renner. But nothing like seeing the pieces of close, touch and feel the fabrics and finishes, examine the price, of course! Now is to take advantage of what is already almost everything in stores. And what do you think? Leave your comment at!