Returns The Rate with You Mobile Eroski, Calls to 10 Cents/Min without Establishment of Call

Scarce are the offerings that currently exist in the market in which are offered National calls without call set-up and less those that are really interesting, especially for long calls.

But now and due to the fifth anniversary of Eroski mobile, the OMV in the chain of distribution with Vodafone, the virtual coverage has decided to recover one of its most attractive rates more than once has appeared and disappeared from its offer.

It is the rate with you, a rate that is very simple to understand, since it offers National calls at 10 cents per minute without call set-up, a rate especially for so-called short already in the long can be overcome by rates than if they charge settlement but which have a price per minute low.

The other fortress This rate is that it is not obligatory to a minimum monthly consumption or hiring bonuses of Internet as in other rates without establishing or price per minute very low, in addition to lacking commitment to stay also.

The fee will be available from November 5 for new and already customers.