Review Zagg Earbud Woodphone ES-220 Earphones

The Zagg Earbud Woodphone ES-220 earphones can reach exactly the middle ground: they cost approximately 100 reais and are capable of giving the user a very satisfactory sound quality.

There are several headphone options for all tastes and needs currently in electronicsEncyclopedia: from those that cost approximately 10 reais, but do not last long and do not present good sound quality, even those that cost more than 200 reais and have exceptional sound quality , with external noise insulation, ergonomic fittings, anti-break wires and everything. The Zagg Earbud Woodphone ES-220 headphones can reach exactly the middle ground: they cost approximately 100 reais and are capable of giving the user a very satisfactory sound quality.

The components used in its manufacture were chosen precisely because they were able to provide audio quality to anyone who has an iPhone or other smart phone, but did not adapt well to the ergonomics of the headphones that accompany these devices in the packaging. After all, the ES-220 has the same microphone system and connection button that the headphones of these devices have, as well as the socket of 3.5 mm headphones.But these are not only their attractions, as we shall see below.


The body of the headphones was made of natural ebony wood, which is widely used in the manufacture of musical instruments, home theater speakers and amplifier boxes for instruments.Thus you can have within your ears the same acoustics as a real musical instrument.

The cables are covered by a mesh.Thus, the inner wires become more protected when the cable bends and therefore will not break easily.The plugs are plated in gold, which avoids their oxidation and better conducts the signals sent by the device.

The earbuds, made of rubber, fit perfectly to the ears, isolating many of the external noises.This is a great request for anyone who likes to use music through headphones to avoid external sounds.Three different sizes of adapters are attached.

Audio quality

As mentioned, the body of these headphones is developed with the same wood used in musical instruments, very different from the great majority of headphones where the body is made of plastic. This detail in the component will ensure much cleaner audio, with powerful bass like a subwoofer .

The insulation guaranteed by the rubber adapters also make all the difference as they allow the sound you’re listening to do not mix with external noises.For those who like to listen to music while going to work by bus is a great differential, therefore the sound of the engine is very muffled and the conversations of other passengers as well.


These headphones have a microphone, as well as the call answering button.For smartphone users, this is a key issue as it allows you to answer calls without having to take your device out of your pocket.What was missing even was a volume adjustment, missing from this accessory.


A great differential for many of the other headphones found on the market is that the Zagg ES-220 comes in a case that fits the headphones perfectly and has a kind of rail to wind the wires.Thus, your phone is protected and with the wire without twisting and without knots.The rubbers of the adapters can be easily removed for cleaning, thus avoiding the accumulation of dust and ear wax.