Reviewer: Spades 1,400 KR. and buy iPad Mini Instead

Go for the new Mini model rather than big brother, if you are considering buying an iPad, says Danish critic in the United States.

Apple recently launched a new and improved version of the well-known 9.7 “iPad, but a new model in the form of the iPad Mini with 7.9” display also saw the light of day.

Despite status as little brother is the Mini-series, which is the best buy, says Morten Bay in Los Angeles, who has written a review for our site.

-“For the vast majority of people it will make much more sense to save the 1,400 dollars, the large iPad costs extra. You get a nearly as good the iPad out of it, which is even easier to have with them on the go, on the couch or on the pillow, “reads the conclusion.

The cheapest version of the iPad Mini costs $2,599 kroner, while the most austere version of big brother with 9.7 “display costs 3,999 crowns.

On the other hand, the iPad 2 to 2,999 crowns not mentioned in the price comparison.

Feels just so quick and delicious

One of the arguments in the notification sounds that it is more natural to hold the iPad Mini than the ‘ normal ‘ model, because it is lighter and thinner.

Photo-enthusiasts, movie geeks and gaming-people might miss big brorens sharper screen and better CPU, but “it is doubtful how many among the Minis core audience that iPad is quite ordinary people who will notice – let alone pay for – this difference,” says Morten Bay.

He added that Mini Series-despite the smaller size, its smaller price and its more scraped the hardware feels just as fast, and the screen feels just as delicious as its big brothers.

In comparison with competitor Google Nexus 7 highlighted, however, a thing which the iPad Mini halter-size ratio. Due to Miniens 4:3 screen format is the wider than other ‘ mini’-tablets on the market, which typically aim for 16:9.

Depending on the size of one’s hands to fingers simply stretched too much, when you hold the iPad Mini in one hand:

-“On the way live iPad Mini actually not up to its own eksistenberettigelse – opposite the Nexus 7 which not only can be held in one hand, but also has a better screen than iPad mini, both with higher screen resolution as pixel density,” says, among other things.