SAT in English

SAT in English

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8 tips for scoring high on the SAT essay

Your success on the SAT test will depend on your preparation and performance Keep the following in mind when planning your strategies:

1. Understand the SAT essay scoring system

Unlike multiple-choice answers, which are scored as correct or incorrect, the essay is assigned three scores.

Two readers will score your essay separately and assign a score of 1 to 4 for each of the three sections which include Reading, Analysis and Writing The scores of the two readers will be added together.

The SAT test essay reports will provide all three scores, each on a scale of 2 to 8. For example, a possible combination of scores would be 6 Reading / 7 Analysis / 6 Writing.

Your reading score will reflect how well you understood the passage; the analysis one, how well your essay analyzes the author’s point of view and persuasion Ultimately, your writing score will reflect the cohesion of your essay, as well as how well you demonstrate a command of the language.

SAT in English

2. Review sample passages and essays

To help you get a good score on the SAT, take the time to review sample passages and essays. As you read each one and its corresponding responses, consider how and why the author of the essay used the evidence, reasoning, and stylistic or persuasive elements.

Reviewing these examples should help you develop your own coping strategies on the day of the test.

3.Read professional writing

Another way to develop your analytical reading skills would be to spend time reading opinion pieces from reputable media outlets like The New York Times once or twice a week Analyze editorials and opinion pieces to hone your skills.

4. Practice doing rehearsals

As with the multiple-choice sections of the SAT, practice will allow you to hone your skills.

Using sample directions and passages for the essay section of the SAT, try recreating the exam yourself – try taking an essay in as little as 50 minutes.

Compare your answer to other students’ examples to discover what your possible weaknesses may be in reading, analysis, and writing.

5. Take your time to read the passage

On test day, your nerves and anxiety can play tricks on you You may feel like you need to start writing as quickly as possible, but make sure you understand the author’s argument thoroughly before you begin.

One of the worst mistakes you could make would be to finish writing your essay only to go back to rereading the passage and find that you misunderstood part of it.

6. Start with an outline

After you’ve carefully read the passage, take a minute to compose your thoughts into a general outline.

Your approach mapping should have an introduction, body, and conclusion An outline will also help you plan your writing as it gives you a clear sense of the direction you want your essay to take.

Be sure to develop your SAT essay in a structured and connected way In your introduction, offer a strong thesis statement that ties into the message of the essay, and verify that each element of the body links to support your idea.

Conclude with more than just a summary Consider, for example, the ways in which you could place what you’ve written in a broader context or offer a memorable insight based on the analysis you’ve provided.

7. Take time to edit

Although it is not always possible, try to leave some time at the end to review your essay. By doing so, you may pick up misinterpreted information or find other ways to further develop some points Try to be as critical of your own work as possible, and consider every minute of available time as an opportunity to provide the best possible representation of your writing and thinking.

Within one of the sections of the SAT exam is the essay part. Here, you will have to put all your English writing skills into practice, are you ready?

Should you take the essay section of the SAT test?

The choice is ultimately yours Yes, as you read; You are not required to take this section of the exam However, there are some advantages if you decide to complete the SAT test essay.

One benefit is that your chances of getting into an American university are increased.

Also, keep in mind that while some colleges do not require you to submit your essay score, they will always consider it as part of the admissions process if they have it available In these cases, having a score on the SAT test instead of not having one will work in your favor as it will allow you to stand out among the thousands of interested applicants.

If you change your mind about the essay and decide to take it, but signed up for the SAT without it, you can add it However, the ability to add the trial to the test center is not guaranteed.

Structure and time of the trial

Based on Abbreviationfinder, the SAT is made up of three sections: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Students have 3 hours to complete each of these If you decide to complete the essay, you will have an extra 50 minutes to finish it.

The SAT test essay is a good opportunity to demonstrate your English reading, analysis, and writing skills.

During the essay section of the SAT, you will be presented with a passage with approximately 650 and 750 words In the 50 allotted minutes, your job will be to read the passage and perform an essay according to the instructions you will be given.

The essay will test your ability to analyze the author’s argument in terms of use of evidence, reasoning, and other rhetorical techniques.

Sharing your opinions on the passage itself or simply summarizing it will not earn you an overall high score on this part of the SAT Discuss the passage!