Scepter in English


The Greek word skêptron came to Latin as sceptrum, which in our language became a scepter. A scepter is an item made of precious or valuable materials that is used as an insignia and is a symbol of power or authority.

According to DigoPaul, scepters are batons of command, generally used by kings or emperors. It is an attribute of the rulers that has been used for thousands of years, according to the findings of archeology.

A scepter usually consists of a cane or a rod with various ornamentation, which at its upper end presents a symbolic figure. There scepters gold, scepters silver and other made with different materials.

One of the most famous scepters in history is the scepter used by the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. It should be noted that it also responds to the name of flail or flagellum as well as nejej and that it has these interesting features:
-It had the appearance of a kind of fly-away.
-It has three rows of cones from which hang pendants or cylinder-shaped balls.
-It is considered that this scepter was an attribute of the gods and that they chose to deliver it to the pharaohs.
-It is also identified as a symbol of birth.
-The pharaohs carried it in their right hand.

However, in Ancient Egypt there were other types of scepters for kings such as these:
-Cetro Sechem, which was identified with values ​​such as power, authority and even strength. It was also used by kings and, furthermore, it was associated with what is the energy of the divine spirit.
-Heka Scepter, which resembles a shepherd’s crook and is associated with the first dynasties of the Pharaonic civilization. The king used to carry it together with the aforementioned nejej scepter and he identified himself with protection. It was also considered a kind of amulet, which is why scepters of this type have been found in the tombs of some pharaohs.

Based on the symbolism of this object, the idea of the scepter is used with reference to the dignity of a ruler or the supremacy exercised in a certain area. For example: “The Serbian tennis player managed to regain the title by winning the final”, “The Filipino boxer will defend his title again next month”, “The title of the national league will be played between Club Atlético Piedras Rojas and Deportivo Santa Regina ”.

The scepter, in this framework, can make mention of a domain or a hegemony. Take the case of the coffee market. The main world producer is Brazil, which concentrates just over 30% of global production according to data from 2015. Behind is Vietnam with 19% and Colombia, with 9%. Taking these figures into account, it can be said that Brazil has the scepter of coffee production: it dominates the market in terms of production.

Today, goldsmith and imagery companies also make scepters for virgins, especially when they look radiant in their various processional outings.