Screen for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Must Be User-Financed

Samsung make according to the sales figures, some of the most popular phones and tablets. Now offering a Chinese manufacturer to make your smartphone into a tablet.

It can be a costly affair, if you both must have a tablet and a smartphone. The Chinese company, Migoal, has however a solution Shezen on stairs, which can transform your Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 for a tablet.

Crowdfunding must pay

The idea started in august 2013, where you could showcase the concept for the first time. Now, however, come so far is that prototypes are ready, but the funding just missing. The company has therefore started a crowfundingkampagne, which must raise the necessary $ 100,000 to get started production.
This is done through the site, where you can get further information about the project, and donate any amount.

Dock your phone in the screen

The whole idea consists of pushing his phone-as shown in the picture-into the screen, and then to get the whole thing blown up in large size on the included touchscreen. The screen also includes its own battery which during docking can charge your phone. The displayed keyboard is accessories, which must be acquired next.

However, before you throw money at the project, you should be aware, however, that is not given any guarantees from Shezen Migoal’s page. This means that the company reserves the right to keep your money, even though the screen is never put into production.

Display rotation does not work

You should also be aware that screen rotation is not working during docking. Your image will therefore be the vertical from the phone, with black screen next. Therefore, do yourself a favor and read full description at Indiegogo carefully, if the project has aroused your interest.

On the other hand, investors can acquire the first models at a price of under $ 100, and are free to synchronize the smartphone and tablet.